Pay Your Toll Fees People

03.24.17 - Toll Machine

If you receive an envelope in the mail that tells you that you at some point went through a toll without paying, make sure you pay the toll and the fees before they add up and become extremely high. For a simple small toll that might have added up to $2.00 when you went through it electronically, you could be charged several hundred dollars in fees the longer you allow the tolls to remain ignored and you could end up being arrested for the violation. Most of us are smart enough to know that we need to pay these fees before they add up, but one man decided that didn’t apply to him.

Can you imagine rolling through a toll hundreds of times without ever paying. This is something you can do and there’s not much of anything to stop you. In fact, you might not even notice that you’ve gone through the EZ Pass or electronic tolls that have no gate at them until you receive the notice in the mail that tells you that you’ve violated the laws and skirted the fees associated with the tolls that you need to pay for your vehicle.

One man in New Jersey chose to roll through the tolls at least 802 times and racked up several thousand dollars in fees for these tolls. There’s not much that we know about the case thus far expect to say the amounts of money involved in what this man owes to the Port Authority. In the area of New Jersey and New York there are many toll roads and the easiest thing to do is have the monthly EZ Pass on your vehicle, when you spend a lot of time on these roads. Either this man didn’t get the memo that he needed this on his car or he simply thought he didn’t need to pay the same tolls as everyone else.

The violator of these toll and highway laws is a fifty-year old man who was arrested near the Lincoln tunnel in Weehawken which is just outside of New York City. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey have a good reason to arrest this man. During his 802 trips through the tolls without paying he’s racked up nearly $51,000 in unpaid tolls and feels that have put him in this type of trouble with the authorities.

This man is being charged with theft of services, which is what the tolls are for and what he owes adds up to $10,850 in tolls and $40,100 in fees that are a result of the electronic toll payment violations. If you happen to get that letter in the mail that tells you that you didn’t pay a toll, make sure you send in the money so that you can avoid paying over four times the amount of the tolls in the fees that can be assessed to you and certainly so that you can avoid being arrested for something you did unintentionally.

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