Pointless and Embarrassing

04.03.17 - Hummer H2

While the original Hummer H1 was an awesome machine with tons of power and the military build to take on nearly everything in its path, the follow up to this big beast wasn’t what you would have hoped. Many may love their Hummer H2 because of the look it gives them on the road, but for the most part, this is an embarrassing and ridiculous vehicle to drive, as Doug DeMuro describes in this video. The H2 wasn’t made to actually do what you want a Hummer to do and in some cases this follow up vehicle even offered you items that caused you to have less of what you want or need.

Some of the parts for the H2 were made strictly for show and had not actual function in the vehicle. These include the hood hoops which were used on the original Hummer to secure the vehicle to the parachutes for drops into military zones. These hoops were part of the frame on the original model, but on the H2 they are simply molded into the hood. On the wheels the H2 gives you the air inflation covers that were found on the original but there’s no central inflation or deflation system to warrant this need.

Visibility is also affected in this SUV. We expect the small windows that take up only a small part of the doors, but the fact that the H2 was built with fake vents in the rear that steal away quite a bit of visibility is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. This beast already rides high and you need to be able to see out of it, but instead of a larger rear window you’re stuck with the small one and fake vents that can be in the way of what you’re trying to see from the driver’s seat.

If you wanted to remove all the badging of this SUV it would take you days. Nearly every corner if the H2 reminds you it’s a Hummer and an H2. This vehicle was built to give you better ground clearance than most large SUVs and had a specially built chassis and frame to make that happen. Of course once that was accomplished the ground clearance was taken away by large side step running boards that delete nearly six inches of clearance making this a Hummer that truly can’t head off road into the harsh trails the way you would want.

On the inside the layout feels haphazard and like somewhat of an afterthought. The steering gives you too much play to feel like its responsive and even the gear shifter, which offers a substantial appearance, is difficult to deal with because its’ cheaply made and offers a lot of play in the action. For a vehicle that was to be the follow up to one of the best on the market, the H2 fell short in a lot of ways and you’ll find a ton of cheap plastic inside the cavernous cabin of the H2.

There are some who love to drive their Hummer H2 models, but those are few and far between. Because this SUV was built to be the cheaper alternative to the H1 much of the cosmetic changes make sense, but its possible Hummer took the cheaper built way too far. If you like the look and feel of the Hummer H2, more power to you, but if you’re looking for something with more bite and the real function of all the parts included, the H1 is the way to go. Unfortunately you won’t find the H2 as a vehicle that many will respect if you choose to drive this version.

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