Power Must Be Had

2016 Audi RS7

When you head to the top of the food chain of cars the need for more power and better luxury is certainly evident on many vehicles.  Audi has already been given the stamp of approval for their awesome interiors which have been touted as the best interiors in the automotive business, but the power under their cars can certainly be improved.  At least this must be the thought process when Audi chose to take two of its top performers and make them even better by adding the “Tim Taylor” to these cars by giving them more power.

The two versions that receive this power increase are the RS7 and the RS6 Avant.  The RS7 is called a supercoupe and typically comes in four-door coupe style with some high class luxury to be one of the most enjoyable executive rides on the market today.  The RS6 Avant is a superwagon to give owners more space and a powerful and luxurious ride wherever they need to go.  As much as these two sound different what is the same for them is the powertrain they use to propel these awesome luxury cars down the road to the speeds that can be enjoyed wherever they are sold.

Currently both cars enjoy the power of a 4.0-liter twin turbocharged V8 that brings in 560 horsepower and uses the standard Quattro AWD offered from Audi.  This gives the RS7 the ability to reach sixty mph in only 3.4 seconds, but for some reason Audi feels this isn’t quite fast enough.  Audi is giving us performance versions of each car to bring the horsepower up to a seriously strong 605 horsepower to add more of what we want in a car that already has great power underneath, more of the power we love to make the drive even better.

These performance specs will make this pair of Audis come in line with the AMG S models that are offered from Mercedes-Benz.  These two benefit from the ECU tuning, an improved turbocharger, a bump in the torque to 553 lb.-ft. for short stints (this is up from the 516 lb.-ft.), 21-ich wheels, a drive mode selector on the steering wheel, sport designed bumpers, a matte titanium trim, an eight-speed automatic transmission and a variety of suspension upgrades.  With all these additions this pair of Audis will certainly give you something to talk about with your friends and neighbors when you have one sitting you your driveway.

As for what we will actually have here in the States, the RS7 is the only one of the two we will get.  The RS6 Avant isn’t sold here, but we still will have the ability to enjoy this upgrade in power and performance to the higher reaches when we get the pleasure of driving our new RS7 with all the performance upgrades.  Even though I’m not sure what the official name of this car will be, it certainly will be one quick and decisive performance machine that will require some serious track time to unleash the power within.

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