Professional Athletes and Their Aston Martin

Jarrett Jack

The NFL, NBA, NHL, Professional Tennis, WWE, MLB, Professional Soccer, or Professional Skateboarding. These are the goals of the school yard boys. Shooting hoops on recess, kicking the ball around in the field, a little league baseball game, or tossing the pigskin are common scenes for the average boy. Wrestling, Tennis, and Skateboarding are the ambitions of some boys as well. Some of these boys will reach the pros, and when they do, they will surely buy toys such as the Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin is the first name in high end luxury vehicles. They are a statement to the general population letting them know that they have reached their goals. Celebrities drive them, CEO’s drive them, and of course that little boy that has achieved their professional sports dream has to drive them. You can see evidence of this from Canada to Mexico.

NBA superstar Jarrett Jack, the point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers owns the super sporty Aston Martin Rapide, while Michael Jordan, former Chicago Bulls star, drives the luxurious DB9 Volante. MLB shortstop Yunel Escobar, who plays for the Tampa Bay Rays owns an Aston Martin Rapide with MC Customs on Forgiato Wheels. You can see NHL player Devin Setoguchi, who is the Canadian right winger for the Winnipeg Jets, cruising along in his Vantage and Patrick Willis, linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers has been known to drive his DB9 as well.

On the more obscure end of professional sports you will see athletes like Alberto Del Rio, the Mexican WWE Superstar who is the proud owner of the Aston Martin Vantage, while Rob Dyrdek, famous professional skateboarder known for his crazy riding skills drives his Rapide S around town. Andy Murray, the first Brit to win Wimbledon in over 100 years, celebrated his victory by owning the DB9 and David Beckham, handsome soccer pro, owns a Vintage Vantage.

You can see that across all walks of professional athletes, they all have one thing in common; owning a luxury car, and that car of choice for many athletes is the high end Aston Martin. It is the crème de la crème of vehicles in the luxury market. Stunning designs, high speed performance, and that price tag that is unattainable to most, makes this car the most appealing of the extravagant car lines.

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