Project Portal to Produce Insane Acceleration

05.01.17 - Toyota Project Portal

The purpose of building the Project Portal concept trucks is to allow Toyota to show off a fuel cell powered big rig that could replace the diesel powered models on the road in the future. This big truck has been tested and is offered with impressive power that can outperform most of the Class 8 trucks on the road. While this might not have been the first thought from Toyota when they introduced this truck and have started the feasibility study in California, but this is easily one of the most impressive factors offered with this new big rig.

The Project Portal truck uses two Toyota Mirai stacks to power this beast. This massive truck can produce 670 horsepower and 1325 lb.-ft. of torque to make it possible for this beast to be rated high enough to pull the load that would be needed. This truck is being studied during this feasibility study to see if it could work well for short distances of 200 miles or less on the road, but eventually, with the proper infrastructure in place, this truck could easily be used for the over the road hauling across the country.

The impressive part of this truck, other than the fact that the only emissions out of the exhaust is water vapor is the acceleration this truck can produce on the road. This big beast, which weighs in at 21,970 pounds can accelerate from 25 to 55 mph in only 6.3 seconds which is extremely impressive. The only number better than that one is the time to reach sixty mph which is only ten seconds, making this one of the most impressive big rigs on the road and the only one that emits a safe vapor into the air that we breathe.

The Project Portal truck from Toyota is built to run neck and neck with the current leader on the market that can run to sixty mph the quickest. That truck is the 1970 BMW 2002 which was able to reach this speed in nine seconds, but the BMW model was much more powerful than the new Project Portal truck and as you would expect, the BMW was nowhere near as efficient or as safe for the environment as this new truck that’s part of the research and study that’s a hard part of what this truck will eventually become.

Check out this article and video and see what could be the impressive acceleration that will be the future of the semi-truck market from Toyota. This truck is expected to haul at least 60,000 pounds of cargo and run for more than 200 miles on a tank of 40 Kg of compressed hydrogen. Eventually we may see the materials that are being delivered to the different stores and locations where we need them being driven there in a truck that has no emissions and will help keep our atmosphere safe while also being able to accelerate quickly on the roads in the area.

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