What is the Ram ProMaster City

01.31.17 - Ram ProMaster City

That small Ram van you see driving around town with a purpose is a bit of a strange site. This van looks like it came from a version of some of earlier panel vans, but it has more attractive lines and designs than those old boring boxes. This Ram van is the ProMaster City which has been developed from the Fiat Doblo and offers the ability to be either a cargo model or a passenger version to be one of the vehicles that have been trusted more and more as the shuttle van used for a variety of purposes.

This van rides with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that’s capable of producing 178 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft. of torque while being attached to a nine-speed automatic transmission. This van is capable of 21 city/29 hwy mpg, but there’s much more you should know about the Ram ProMaster City, especially if you’re considering this vehicle as an alternative to a minivan for your family hauler.

Interior Configuration – If you have a need to haul more than five people at a time this van won’t do the trick as five is the most it will seat. If five works for you this is a great choice and it’s been upgraded with better carpet and tires than you see on cargo models. This five seat capacity will give you a large cargo hold to carry the gear you need wherever you’re going. You can have this van in four trim levels, Tradesman Cargo Van, Tradesman SLT Cargo Can, Wagon and Wagon SLT with the two wagon models being the passenger versions.

Suspension Expectations – If you were to take any other cargo van and make it a passenger hauler the ride feel would be rough and more like a truck. With the ProMaster City the ride is smooth and comfortable from the independent coil-sprung bi-link rear suspension. This ensures you can drive and ride comfortably in vehicle that’s stable on the road while keeping you safe.

Dual Sliders – The side doors of the van slide on each side to make it easy to access the cargo and passenger areas of the van. The opening is a large 24-inches for you to be able to get in and out easily. IN the back the rear door opens in a 60/40 configuration to give you easy access to the items you have stored in the rear of the van that you need. This is a van that is becoming a favorite to be fitted with equipment for those who are handicapped or wheel chair bound.

More Cargo When Needed – The rear bench of the second row offers a 60/40 split to make it easy to add more cargo space if needed. Both sides can fold and tumble forward to give you more cargo where you need it. The distance from the rear doors is close to four feet with the seats in place and that expands to nearly six feet of cargo length in the rear of the van when you have the seats folded forward. This makes it easier than ever for you to haul everything you need at once.

Higher Bumper Lights – The front and rear bumpers are higher on the body and help to move the functional lights up and out of the way in case of a bumper accident. This helps to reduce the overall cost of a repair should the ProMaster City be in an accident that requires a repair to be competed. Even with this higher look, the ProMaster looks great and is proportional thanks to the design team and their adaptation of the Fiat model to be a fantastic Ram van for us to enjoy.

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