Record Rides that Cost Dearly

01.03.17 - Uber

For some reason there are those in our midst who have started to think of ride sharing services as long distance travel options for them to take wherever they want to go. While a ride in your neighborhood using Uber can be inexpensive and easy for you to afford, going outside your city or county could be a costly way to use Uber, Lyft or any other ride sharing service to get where you want to go. In some cases, this may feel like the only option, but the problem may be chalked up to a new problem; Uber dependency.

Here is an example that just doesn’t make any sense. A woman recently hired Janis Rogers of Williamsburg, VA to drive her from there to her boyfriend’s home in Brooklyn, NY. Rogers is a 64-year old Uber driver and she obliged by taking the woman where she wanted to go, but this was a one way trip that covered 400 miles, taking eight hours and cost her a full $294 in fare money. She could have taken an Uber to the airport, flown to New York City and then taken another Uber to the home of her boyfriend for much less.

While this seems like it would be the longest Uber ride on record and certainly appears to have been a waste of money and time, there have been other drivers who have come forward to challenge this as the longest ride. Recently another driver car forward and discussed his long trip. The driver is Kevin Jones of Omaha, NE and he was hired to take a woman from there to Denver, CO. This trip was 550 miles and the fare was $877 which included $300 worth of extra cost for the surcharge pricing. This woman easily could have taken an airplane for much less money and arrived at her destination much sooner.

Whether these long trip riders are simply unaware of their other travel options such as planes, trains and even automobiles the can rent, or they simply have a serious fear of flying, both of these excursions were easily much longer than they should have been. Even a bus ride would have cost much less for these would be riders and they could have pocketed the difference. In either case it seems these two ladies suffer from Uber dependency and may need to have some help.

Possibly, that’s what we need to start; an Uber dependency support group. These folks could be part of UA (Uber Anonymous) and could stand up and tell us their worst Uber story such as taking an Uber to go less than a mile (let’s get our legs going and walk that distance people) or having and Uber to cross an area where public transportation is running and is much less expensive. There may have to be regular meetings for these members, but seriously, we need to stop this type of dependency and insanity before it gets any farther out of control.

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