Reducing the Price on a Mini Clubman

08.02.16 - 2016 Mini Cooper Clubman

Do you want a car that shows you a style that is a signature of Britain and appears to have jumped out at you from several decades ago? If you do the price of any of the Mini models might shock you. While Mini is a brand that does deliver on the promise of great looking vehicles and a wide range of choices, you do have to admit they seem a bit pricy compared to what you can buy at the same size from nearly every other brand. Even though you could say “you pay for the name” I don’t see Mini as a luxury brand, making this a moot argument.

There are ways to have a Mini that comes in at a price that’s actually under $30,000 and in doing so you will have some of the driving capabilities you want to enjoy, especially if you like to think of yourself as a driving purist. The Clubman can actually come in with a price around $26,500, but there are items you’ll live without in order to reach this mark.

To start with you need to avoid the options for the Clubman. You can have three that will make a difference for you in comfort and style and not pay too much. These three are satellite radio which will cost you $300, heated front seats for $500 and the 17-inch black painted wheels for $750. If you leave these three out, you’ve really gone bare bones, but that is certainly your choice. If it were me, I would at least have the satellite radio so that a road trip won’t cause the need to search for the radio station I want to listen to.

Now that we’ve stripped down the Mini Clubman to a more affordable price let’s see what we’re left with. This vehicle will still give you rain sensing wipers, dual zone automatic climate control and push button starting. While these aren’t the sexiest of features you can see how all three are important to the enjoyment of driving even a base model vehicle. No, you don’t get a backup camera, and you certainly can have proximity key access, power front seats, blind spot warning, remote start or any of the cool style features that are popular on these models. You will even have to live without the leather seats, panoramic sunroof and navigation system, but you now have a Mini Clubman that’s much easier for you to afford.

As for the powertrain you will get to enjoy you will now have a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that brings you 134 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. of torque. This is enough to get this car going, its only 168 inches long and 3,105 pounds in weight to give you a lightweight car that is able to be moved by this small engine. One of the best features on the base model is the six-speed manual transmission which is made to give you a great way to move from one gear to another.

Is the base Mini Clubman the car for you? It might be, especially if you need to be under the $30,000 mark, but you might want to consider adding some of those safety features back in and paying a little more whiles still enjoying the great style of this fun to drive car.

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