The Right Hatchback Trend

02.28.17 - Honda Civic Hatchback - 2

Over the years of the automotive industry the hatchback is a style of car that we’ve often enjoyed on one hand and been mired with disgust on the other. What do you typically receive when you have a hatchback? Normally these are shorter cars that are easy to park nearly anywhere, give you great gas mileage, have small but enthusiastic engines and a configurable cargo area because the cargo space is typically close to obsolete. There isn’t usually much leg room in the rear seats and you can’t fit a lot of stuff in them while some of these cars of the past had a hard time getting up and down hills.

Thankfully we have a new hatchback trend that hopefully will continue. Instead of stopping a car short at the rear end, which appears to have been the case across the market for the past several years, who not continue the lines to a gorgeous and generous opening? The hatchbacks we enjoy on the market right now often are stopped short in the back which cuts off the rear cargo area, which can be one of the most important areas of the car to enjoy on the road.

The new Honda Civic Hatchback has it exactly right. Rather than cutting the car off short in the back, Honda allowed the long line of the roof to continue down the back of the car and the results are amazing. This is a car that offers us a long and flowing line to the rear bumper with some sharp stops in between that make sense and loo great. This long rear space and large cargo opening allow the Civic hatchback to be much more for us than what it would have been in a shorter build; versatile.

Versatility is important in a hatchback and what the team at Honda did with the Civic allows us to have a space that appears to be close to the size of a wagon in the rear without the build that makes it look like a wagon. Now the people who have to ride in the back seat have plenty of room to fit and the cargo space is generous enough for you to have anything you want back there and make the car work for you. This is a fantastic option and the perfect way to create a hatchback that’s impressive and exciting to drive.

As we see the new Honda Civic hatchback make its way to the market we can only hope other hatchbacks are paying attention. The length of the car and the space offered make this new version of the Civic more comfortable and easier to enjoy on the road while offering us a car that’s perfect for the drive and enjoyable to look at.

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