The Second Hybrid Small SUV on the Market

12.28.16 - Nissan Rogue

For a few years the Toyota RAV4 has offered us a hybrid powertrain and Subaru gave it a go as well with the XV Crosstrek but now there’s another option if you want an SUV that can give you the ride you want while sipping on the fuel instead of guzzling it. With the XV Crosstrek gone from the market, the new model that has entered is the Nissan Rogue Hybrid which offers you more fuel mileage than the standard model and a great way for you to enjoy the drive you want on the road.

The difference you find with the new Nissan Rogue Hybrid is the fact that it actually beats out the Toyota RAV4 for the highway driving. The RAV4 still does better in the city, but the Rogue will offer you a rating of 31 city/34 hwy giving you an average of 33 mpg which is a full six mpg better than the standard Rogue. These six mpg can make a huge difference when it comes to the time you own the vehicle and allow you to put off filling up the vehicle for a couple extra days in between.

The hybrid system used in the Rogue starts with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that’s mated to a 30 kW electric motor to bring you a total of 176 horsepower which is an important setup for you to enjoy the drive and have the power you need. This setup uses two clutches one that’s between the gas engine and the electric motor and the second one between the motor and the transmission. The battery pack of this SUV is placed where the third row of seats normally would be put in the SUV to make sure you can still have the cargo space you want behind the seats to have the hybrid powertrain you want.

The braking of this SUV does use a regeneration of the power to charge the battery while braking is taking place. This makes your hybrid ride even better than before to give you more ride than you expect with the braking you want. The pure electric range of the Rogue is very small, making it possible to drive through neighborhoods for about ten minutes on just the EV power, but even with this short range you can have the drive you want with the efficiency you’re searching for in the Rogue.

As the Nissan Rogue joins the exclusive club that the RAV4 also belongs to you can be impressed with the improvements you see in the hybrid version that make it more engaging to drive and full of excellent materials and equipment to enjoy. If you want an easy to drive and enjoy hybrid SUV that offers you the size you want and the equipment you need in order be the ride that you’re looking for that provides you a way to avoid the gas pumps for a few extra days in between each of the fill-ups you will need to do in the new Nissan Rogue Hybrid.

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