Should You Drive a Full Size Pickup Truck in a Large City

2016 GMC Sierra in the City

When you think about owning a dog do you consider the breed, maximum size and the space the dog will need to roam and run.  For the most part the larger and more energetic the animal is the more space they need to run and get the necessary exercise each and every day.  The same is mostly true for vehicles.  A smaller compact vehicle is typically known to be a great choice in the city while the large full size trucks are better left to those who are driving out in the country or heading to a jobsite that needs these trucks.

With that said, would you consider driving a full size truck in the city, especially a large one that has many infrastructure issues?  What harm could it be?  Certainly a large truck in the city sounds silly to most but what you can experience when you make this choice might just change your mind.  Here are some pros and cons of driving a full size truck such as the F150 in the city where space is an issue and the roads are highly congested most of the time.


Let’s start with the cons and then we will look at what is good about driving in the city.  First of all a large truck is hard to park and even makes it difficult to leave a parking space once one is found.  City parking lots are mostly made for smaller cars because that is what is expected.  Yes each lane is certain to be lined and made to the minimum required standards but that is all, which isn’t always enough for a truck to get out.  Even driveways are shorter in the city which can cause the rear of the truck to stick out over the sidewalks, leaving the possibility that someone will accidentally run into the truck when they aren’t paying attention.


What is great about driving a truck in the city; everything except parking.  You command a bit more respect from a vehicle that appears to be large enough to squash everyone else and in a city where the road crews are working feverishly to repair the roads you won’t have to worry as much about potholes.  When you drive a small city car you could easily lose a wheel with a pothole, but a large truck just takes it on and keeps on driving making quick work of this blemish on the pavement.

If you have the patience to deal with the parking problems you will have when driving a large truck in the city then a full size pickup could be the best option for driving in a highly congested city.  You have nearly unlimited trunk space, command a great deal of road respect and can tackle roads that others have to avoid.  Strange as it may sound, the full size pickup market may be where you want to shop for your next great city vehicle as you look for what you want in order to fit right in your lifestyle in the city.

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