Smart Proximity Makes Things Easier for You

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When you own a newer model vehicle you want to be able to enjoy newer features and know that you can have the right way to get the job done even if that job is only as simple as opening the door and starting the engine. The use of items that are called proximity keys has made it possible to leave the keys in your pocket or your purse and get going on the road without ever taking the key out and putting it in the door to open, pushing a button on the fob or turning the key inside.

It may seem like a small thing, but the use if this technology to open the door or to start the engine has become something may admire and the Toyota version of the proximity key is called the Smart Key System. With this key in your pocket or purse you’ll be able to enjoy a small but important lifestyle change that allows you to have the right way to access what you want and have the ride you’re after. This system is right for you when you have a hand full of groceries or sit down with the key in your purse in the backseat or in your pocket that’s hard to reach.

Using the Toyota Smart Key System you can unlock your door by just touching the handle. This works for the driver and passenger door and when you sit down in the seat all you have to do is push the engine start/stop button to get started. This system can detect the Smart Key fob in the proximity of the vehicle and allow you to get on the road quickly. If you do happen to leave the fob outside the vehicle away from the car it won’t work, that’s how sensitive this system has been created.

Because this system does need radio waves and signals to operate, you might wonder if it’s actually secure enough to do the job for you. This system is secure and is secured with the use of rolling codes that are generated each time you enter your vehicle. This makes it secure and also makes it impossible for anyone else with a key fob to enter your vehicle by using a different fob. These Smart Key Systems have become the future of the key systems for vehicles and Toyota offers this feature on many of the cars it sells.

The use of this system with the proximity key allows you to avoid the need to dig through your pockets or purse to find your keys. You won’t leave your key in the car accidentally either because you most likely will take your purse with you when you exit the vehicle. Don’t worry about having to search for your key fob ever again or turning the key, this system will make this small task a thing of the past and help you enjoy the benefits of what technology has to offer us.

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