Sometimes You Really Have to Watch Out

01.11.17 - White Rhino

When we get behind the wheel to drive out on the roads in our area we have certain expectations. If it’s raining, snowing or icy out we expect to see more accidents than normal and need to take our time as we travel on the roads. On sunny days when the roads are dry we expect people around us to drive like normal and be able to handle the challenge of being on the road with care. The desire is that we can get where we want to go on time when we’re out on the roads, especially if everything is normal.

Even under normal conditions traffic constructions and accidents can cause you to need to slow down. It’s almost a relief when you reach an area that has little to no traffic and have most of the road to yourself. When this happens you feel like you don’t have as much to worry about when you’re driving and can sit back and just enjoy the road and the music you have playing on the radio. This is especially the case during the daylight hours when it’s easy to see everything around you.

If these quieter roads make you relax a little, imagine how relaxed an SUV full of tourists had to be in the African Safari when they were driving along slowly on a dirt road with nary another vehicle on the path. This road was carved through the savannah to give the tourists a great way to see the natural beauty of the landscape and possible capture some of the wildlife in the area in their natural settings. Little did this SUV full of people realize they were about to witness what could be one of the most violent acts of road rage.

When we talk about road rage we tend to think of a driver losing their mind from behind the wheel or offering up a less than friendly gesture toward their neighboring motorists. In this particular case, the road rage was felt inside of a rhino and not a person. Something about the SUV full of tourists must have set the rhino off as it decided to charge with all its might into the SUV a couple of times, certainly scaring the occupants of the vehicle in the process. It’s pretty obvious this rhino didn’t want these tourists watching him as if he were a fish in a bowl.

Of course there are natural challenges to driving on most of the roads we face on a daily basis as well, but none typically compare to a rhino attack. Check out this video to see this angry beast take out its road rage on the SUV full of people. It’s a sight to see and certainly makes you thankful that you typically only have to watch out for rodents, dogs, cats and deer on the roads in your area to make sure you don’t take out a wild animal.

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