Sometimes You Have to Wonder

01.25.17 - Dodge Logo

There are those times when you look at something from the past and wonder “what were thinking” and other times when you’re just completely amazed by the fact that we could be entertained by some ads. Some cultures do still run over the top and completely crazy ads that capture our attention which certainly amaze those of us in a more subdued society, but at one time we even saw ads that were over the tip and seemed to be just a little too much. While this particular ad is in Spanish, it was one that captured our attention during the days of older Dodge models.

The older Dodge model in question was the Nitro. This vehicle was an SUV that was built off the same platform as the Jeep Liberty and wasn’t exactly what most of us wanted in an SUV. Of course, the advertisers at Dodge had to do something at the time to come back from the fact they had tried to sell the Neon as a cute little car, which eventually it was. With the Nitro there was a completely different approach given to the advertising to make this particular commercial as cheesy as possible.

To start with we have a rough faced fisherman who seems to be tough as nails as he bites off a fishhook and then proceeds to allow a bear to gnaw on his ankle as he sits there completely stone faced and unconcerned. The nurse in the scene seems to have a ton of concern for the fisherman who is being injured by the bear, but also appears to admire the fact that he is able to take the abuse and continue on without a worry or any sign of showing pain during the ordeal.

While all this is taking place, we have a third party (fourth if you count the bear), who is a game show host type of guy with a microphone and all the excitement of someone who will give away tons of money on TV. During his part of the commercial he is featuring the Dodge Nitro and the thought that this SUV somehow makes a man more macho just by owning this vehicle. This character appears to be completely out of place, but then so does the nurse in this scene, making this entire ad absurd and amusing at the same time.

This way of advertising has certainly had its place in our society and showing the Nitro as a vehicle that will make you more macho was one way to consider selling more of this SUV. On the other hand, the commercial itself is hilariously out of place and shows you just how far the advertising industry has come in only a decade. Go ahead and watch this video and have some fun with what it gives you to enjoy as you remember the way the Nitro was built to be the testosterone driving brawler that Dodge thought would take off for them.

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