Stop Giving Up Truck Bed Space

04.01.16 - Truck Bed

Do you use your truck for work? Is this your mobile office on a daily basis where you need to be able to keep all your tools and the materials for the jobs you do? If this sounds like you then you know the frustration of using a truck tool box where you have to give up some of your bed space and the tools you need inevitably make it to the bottom center of the box. While these boxes are great for some items, if you have an extended cab truck there is a solution you might prefer to this box that seems to be the black hole of your tool storage.

An extended cab truck like an option in Ram 1500 or Chevrolet Silverado offers very little in the way of space for actual passengers. This does mean you have some room to do something because this space it typically where the drink cups or drive-thru wrappers end up until the weekend when you clean it out. If you look at this space every weekend and wonder why you bought a truck that had this tiny area that doesn’t seem to be made to help you have a better work experience there is a solution that will make things much easier for you.

Using some ¾-inch plywood to build a few shelves and a couple drawers you could have the space you need to store all your tools and hardware. Let’s face it, the truck bed toolbox doesn’t have much in the way of a security system to keep thieves from steeling the tools you have to keep in there and your more valuable tools end up in the cab to protect them anyway. Why not just secure everything in this extended part of your cab and have more bed space for the items you need on the job when you come out of the hardware store?

In order to make the most use of this area you can remove the seats in the back (they are just in the way anyway) and secure the storage system to the truck using cotter pins attached to the seat brackets. By doing this you can have a system for storing all your items that is organized and easy to use which provides the security you want and gives you the ability to use the full size of your truck bed for whatever you need to haul with you.

While there are now some trucks that offer bedside storage boxes, you can set up your extended cab truck this way with the storage system until you are ready to buy a truck that has these side bed storage boxes. When it’s time to sell your truck you simply remove the storage system and reinstall the seats to be able to sell the truck in its original condition to the next person who want to make use of the truck. This storage system idea for your extended cab pickup is a clear winner all the way around and a great way for you to store your tools.

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