The Story Continues Next Summer

11.28.16 - Lightning McQueen

We love our movies, we love our cars and if we have kids we typically love animation as well. You don’t have to be a parent to love animation, and what Pixar has done on the silver screen with the movies they have put out over the years has given us some impressive entertainment to enjoy in theaters. This gives us a reason to prepare for a new movie next summer which will be a continuation of a story we’ve enjoyed in two previous movies already. Cars 3 will be in theaters on June 16, 2017 and awe already have a sneak peek trailer to share.

In this sneak peek trailer you see the famous Lightning McQueen being pushed out of his front runner spot and flipping end over end in a crash that leaves him in pieces all over the track. That certainly makes for a dark trailer and you might not want your kids to see this spot, but that’s just the teaser that Disney and Pixar have put out there for us to see if it’s something we’ll want to continue to enjoy which I would say is a certainty when this is the initial trailer we get to see.

With this view there are tons of questions for us to ask. How is the crew going to put the famed super racer back together? Is the Hudson HorCanet going to need to step in and give McQueen the inspiration he needs? With Doc end up racing alongside McQueen for a finale or will he be in the pits again giving him the advice he needs to win the race? Who are the villains of this film and what cool names have they given them for us to enjoy?

There are so many questions that the new Cars 3 offers us and the only promise we got from the trailer is the fact that “everything will change” which hopefully some things will stay the same. Hopefully Mater will still be McQueen’s best friend, maybe McQueen and Sally will get married, possibly the rest of the cast will have their own side story that will give us something interesting to see as well. There are just so many possibilities when you consider what Cars has already done and what it has meant to us. We will have to wait until next summer to get the whole story line, but it seems like it will be one of interest and fun once again.

We can certainly expect Pixar will continue to show us they can tell a great story and we’ll see how this one takes a new twist and turn for us to love. Will this be the last Cars movie of the franchise? That’s not been decided yet, but we haven’t even gotten to see this one yet. When this new story makes it to theaters, be ready to flock in there and enjoy the film with the talking cars and see just how Pixar plays this one out for your enjoyment.


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