A Style Showing at Monterey

11.01.16 - Aston Martin DB11

The Monterey Car Week gave us some of the most glorious vehicles that have ever been built to showcase and admire. One of the newcomers to the show that brings in an impressive history and shows off as one of the most impressive brand and vehicles on the circuit was the Aston Martin DB11. This show was the US debut of this new ultra-luxurious sports car that will be the next coming of the James Bond car that we all admire. Of course the DB11 wasn’t the only thing on display from Aston Martin during this show.

Aston Martin used this opportunity to open a pop up store that was located centrally on Ocean Avenue to give all who wanted to enjoy the Aston Martin designs and history a great look into what has been one of the most impressive car companies in the world. This pop up store was only open from Wednesday to Saturday during the show week, but it gave Aston Martin a place to call their own and show off the branding and luxury of their vehicles. At this store you were able to enjoy the DB lineage which began with the DB5 and made its way through the iconic DB10 which was only made for the Spectre film and finally a virtual tour of the DB 11.

This virtual tour of the newest DB sports car from Aston Martin included a virtual test drive of the car to give you an idea of just how special this new car happens to be. With this store and the singular experience offered the location was called “Aston Martin on Ocean” to give a singular experience and the feeling of a store that you could easily relax and enjoy on a slow moving tour of the shop and the tour of the newest sports car from Aston Martin.

As a mainstay of the Pebble Beach events Aston Martin has a long and rich history at this even t and in the automotive world to share with the public. This pop up store gave those in attendance the feeling that Aston Martin is a company of car lovers who are exceptionally passionate about the cars they design and build. This is exactly the feeling CEO Dr. Andy Palmer wanted to give the public who were in attendance at this show, to make sure they could easily enjoy the glory of a great car show at Monterey and learn more about Aston Martin in the process.

Now that the DB11 has debuted in the US it seems to have the attention of those who were at Pebble Beach and will be a car that should have a strong following in the near future. It’s going to be fun to see where else the DB11 and the Aston Martin experience make their way over the next several months as we move toward the next model year and several more car shows that could be perfect locations for the DB11 to be put on display.

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