Former Sinking Ships

Former Sinking Ships

The recession was a tough time for nearly every American, especially the families who were upside down in mortgages they could no longer afford on houses that weren’t worth a quarter of what they initially cost. However, the general public wasn’t the only group affected by the massive downturn in the economy; many businesses suffered as well. The automotive industry was one of the hardest hit in the recession of 2008, and many of the common American manufacturers found themselves in the pickle of taking a bailout, or closing their doors forever.

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Should You Drive a Full Size Pickup Truck in a Large City

2016 GMC Sierra in the City

When you think about owning a dog do you consider the breed, maximum size and the space the dog will need to roam and run.  For the most part the larger and more energetic the animal is the more space they need to run and get the necessary exercise each and every day.  The same is mostly true for vehicles.  A smaller compact vehicle is typically known to be a great choice in the city while the large full size trucks are better left to those who are driving out in the country or heading to a jobsite that needs these trucks. Read more

The Terrain is not Ready for the Next Generation

2016 GMC Terrain Next Generation

Even though GM has typically adhered to a calendar of generational changes, the new Terrain generation is not quite here yet. Instead of completely redesigning the Terrain GMC has given it a few tweaks to make it even more appealing than before. The Terrain is the second leading seller for GMC coming in only behind the Sierra full-size pickup truck, and has a strong female following, which might be a serious surprise considering its overall shape. Even with only minor changes, the Terrain appears to be able to continue to offer a spacious cabin, flexibility in use and the equipment desired by many in a tech-savvy world. Read more

Big, Bold, Beautiful. The 2015 GMC Yukon.

2015 GMC Yukon

As a longstanding name in the full-sized SUV category, the Yukon offers owners plenty of space, towing capacity, and ability for any task. No matter if the crew needs to get to the job site and build something awesome and inspiring, or the family needs to get away for the weekend in the woods, at the lake, or to the beach, the Yukon is there to handle all needs with ease and enjoyment that is unmatched in its class.

Recently the Yukon has been heading into the luxury platforms of the full-sized SUV world with its highly luxurious Denali trim. For 2015 the standard trim is actually going to be even nicer than the old Denali trim which means the Denali will have to be even better; a huge bonus to those already fanatical Denali lovers.   The entire lineup of Yukon is completely new for 2015. With all the great new looks of the exterior, new interior and upgraded technology shoppers might think GMC forgot about the inner workings of this beast, but they would be wrong. The chassis, suspension and both V8 engines are all upgraded to offer an even better ride and more fuel efficiency than ever before.

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