How Desperate do You Have to Be?

05.25.17 - South Dakota Police

The news has been filled for the past year or more with police officers that people felt were in the wrong because of actions caught on tape and released in a skewed sense of the actual events. Too often we’ve been shown videos that didn’t begin when the criminal was taking actions of their own, only when a friend or relative of the criminal felt it was right for them to try and show us a darker side of law enforcement. Even with this skewed view, the men and women in blue still try and serve and protect us to the best of their ability.

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Pay Your Toll Fees People

03.24.17 - Toll Machine

If you receive an envelope in the mail that tells you that you at some point went through a toll without paying, make sure you pay the toll and the fees before they add up and become extremely high. For a simple small toll that might have added up to $2.00 when you went through it electronically, you could be charged several hundred dollars in fees the longer you allow the tolls to remain ignored and you could end up being arrested for the violation. Most of us are smart enough to know that we need to pay these fees before they add up, but one man decided that didn’t apply to him.

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Don’t Forget the Garage When Giving Gifts

Solar Powered Car Ventilator

Many times when shopping for great gifts for the wide variety of occasions we have to celebrate and show appreciation for those who we love and that love us in return we find ourselves thinking more of outdoor items or new technology based gear and forget the garage area.

For anyone who love their vehicles and spend a lot of time tinkering with them, or just want to be well-equipped to spend time in the garage or be prepared on the road there are quite a few great gift ideas they are sure to enjoy. Read more