When Will We Learn

04.14.17 - Tesla Autopilot

While the dependence upon electronics to drive us down the road and be able to read all of the lane and road markings is still a few years off, too often we discuss a driver that’s chosen to rely solely on the automation offered inside a vehicle to make sure they can stay safe on the roadways. Even though we are our own worst enemies on the road with our coffee, driver through lunches, makeup applications and even cell phone usage from behind the wheel, there is a responsibility we still have on the road when it comes to driving.

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Another Way Google is Getting into Self-Driving Cars

01.09.17 - Waymo Self-Driving Car

While the project that was the Google self-driving car is now headed to the new company called Waymo, it will still be a sibling to Google under the Alphabet umbrella of companies. This car has logged more miles than Uber or Lyft combined when it comes to self-driving with over 2.3 million miles on the road and a large number of impressive situations that have made it possible for these cars to have brought back data that is able to better understand human driving and make changes based upon what many drivers will do on the road.

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Do You Want to be Part of the Experiment?

12.05.16 - Gothenburg

There have been shows and movies made that feature a variety of drug trials, some in a humorous way and other a bit tragic. These trials are a way some people have used to make money when they feel desperate and want to participate in trying something new. The companies that offer these drug trials can have a goal and using humans as an experiment is typically the last action that happens before a drug is approved for the public to purchase and doctors to be able to write prescriptions for their patients to help them improve their health.

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Should the Tesla Autopilot be Allowed?

11.29.16 - Tesla Autopilot

Tesla has famously thumbed their collective noses at the marketplace and have not only sold their vehicles in a way that’s different from what we’re used to but also added tech updates over the air on a regular basis. Autopilot is a semi-autonomous driving system that’s been so close to a fully autonomous system that many owners of Tesla models have recorded themselves doing anything but driving. This doesn’t give a warm and fuzzy feeling to other drivers on the road, but the system is impressive and is the closest thing we have right now to a fully autonomous system.

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What Would You Do?

05.29.16 - Self-Driving Car

The technology is on the way and automakers have invested huge sums of money into the technology that will take away your enjoyment of driving. By 2020 we expect to see cars that are full autonomous, not semi-autonomous like the current Tesla Model S and Model X, which means these cars, will be able to drive themselves provided all conditions are met for the system to work properly. Because this technology is coming there are many surveys that have taken place to learn how we as the public feel about a car that can drive itself wherever you need to go.

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Testing an Autonomous Vehicle for Safety is Impossible

05.17.16 - Google Car

The claim of every manufacturer is that their cars will be safer when the car is driven autonomously. Google has logged nearly 1.3 million miles in their self-driving cars since 2009 and has the most miles so far with relatively little error. Even so, what will it take for us to trust that the vehicles being developed to actually be autonomous vehicles? Will we need miles on the tires to show the car is safe or are we ready to nearly blindly trust that the technology installed will be adequate enough to ensure our safety while driving on any road?

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What Will You Do With Your Time

01.06.16 - Volvo Concept 26

There has been discussion after discussion regarding the possibility and reality of autonomous vehicles and the driving they will provide.  If this ever becomes a reality of driving for us, many will love the idea of catching a nap on the way to the office, relaxing after a long day, reading a book or even connecting to social media to stay up to date with friends.  There may be many activities you can do while sitting in the front seat when the car doesn’t need to you drive and one of those activities could certainly be watching a video along the route.

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Google Car Endures Accidents, But Who’s Fault Was It?

Google Car Endures Accidents

We hear it pretty much every day now in the automotive industry and on the news; Google car this, Google car that. There have been many who question the safety of the Google self driving vehicle, and those who are intrigued with its inner workings. Google has been putting the little robots to the test to see if they will be able to perform as they are designed to operate, and to of course, perfect the little autonomous cars to be road ready. Read more