The Kia Sorento is All New for 2016

2016 Sorento Crossover SUV

The Paris Auto Show gave the world a look at a new Sorento crossover SUV. The new look is stunning from many angles but also well understated to be attractive to a large variety of crowds. The angle off the hood carries smoothly to the roof and on to the rear to give a seamless appearance and a sleek design that is enticing and exciting. The large grill on the front of the Sorento gives a bold look right from the start and the headlights and fog lights allow for great vision while driving.

This overall new and enticing look gives the Sorento an additional four inches over the previous generations and 3.2-iches more for the wheelbase. Kia gave it a new look that is also lower and wider, giving the Sorento a better stance to avoid rollover and handle curved roads with confidence and ease. The new “Wolf’s Eye” headlights and LED taillights make even more curb appeal for you to enjoy.

Helping the Sorento with its handling of the more challenging driving conditions is a newly designed body structure and suspension. These upgrades all the Sorento to easily navigate passes and roads larger SUVs would have to be careful to ensure rollover does not take place.

The interior of the new Sorento offers a host of sophisticated upgrades as well as a softer look on the inside. this improvement is meant to help reduce noise from the outside and give a larger five or seven passenger cabin to have the seating needed. Cargo space is also increases, at least on the European models, to 17.5 cubic feet, which I hope we will see in the US as well.

Currently the plan is to release five different engines for the Sorento across the globe. These will be a variation of naturally aspirated and turbodiesel engines that will give Sorento owners a menu of driving choices. While some regulations will certainly keep the Sorento from having all five engines in the US, hopefully there will be more than one offering in the US to give Sorento loves a great choice. Currently the expected versions will be the 2.4-liter direct-injected four-cylinder that gives 191 horsepower and the 3.3-liter GDI V6 that offers 290 horsepower. Either of these two or both will give us a great option for some amazing torque in the diesel or great fuel efficiency for the gasoline version.

While the new Sorento doesn’t at first appear as an overly redesigned model, this SUV is made to attract a wide range of buyers. With excellent power, an option for AWD to be added, and a look that is attractive from just about any angle, the Sorento offers a new, bold look and great lineup of features for any of us to fully enjoy. As a popular model from the previous generation, Kia hopes to gain even more of the crossover SUV market with this new lower Sorento that gives you outstanding control around just about any road challenges and even some off road obstacles.

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