The Manual Transmissions that Aren’t All Manual

Manual transmissions

With the current technology the only reason to actually buy a car with a manual transmission anymore is to have the purist connection with the car to enjoy the driving experience.  For those that are new to driving, a manual now offers a variety of ways to ensure the transmission has some control over what is happening.  As many car enthusiasts that can’t seem to see the progress involved the answer is they don’t want these systems either.  Let’s take a look at where we are with the manual transmission and add some automatic advisory as well.

First of all, let me cover the automatics.  We have already learned that a car’s computer can easily shift the gears much smoother, more efficiently and with better results than we can as humans.  Lamborghini would rather not use a manual ever because their computers are so in tune with the car and a driver really does just muck it up.  With this in mind, even though we should pretty much be headed down a path where only automatics are used, many still kick and scream to have a manual transmission installed in their vehicles to give them a more engaged driving experience.

If you want a manual transmission for the added engagement of driving, that’s great, it’s fun to shift gears to remember how to downshift and push the clutch pedal, but the manuals of today do not have the same characteristics as the ones of yesteryear and that is certainly a good thing.  One benefit of a manual transmission is you can’t text and drive with a manual which makes it a great choice for undisciplined teenage drivers who are going to be tempted by their electronic devices.  This transmission may actually help to keep teens safer and more in tune with the car and the road ahead.

What most manual transmissions are now offering is ways to keep the car from hindering the drive.  The first way this is done is with the use of auto start/stop which keeps the car from stalling because the driver was not skilled enough to handle the task of taking off properly in first gear.  Another feature that changes the manual experience is the incline hold feature which allows a car to start and move forward without the possibility of backward roll when on a hill.  Both of these features certainly take away some of the fun of driving a manual, but they also assist a driver in getting going more easily.

The third feature that changes the dynamic is the auto rev match feature which is made to help you transition to lower gears smoothly.  This certainly takes some work away from you and lets the car do some of the thinking for you.  With this in place you can drive like and expert even as a novice which makes having a manual transmission more fun for you.  Of course if you are still stuck in the dinosaur days and want to turn off these features you can do so, as of now, but automakers are already working on ways to make it impossible to turn these features off and then you will have to benefit from the marvelous assistance they give you when driving a car with a manual transmission.

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