The Number Game

The BMW Number Game

A lot of things in our lives revolve around numbers. We can choose a meal with them, dial our friends and family on the phone, figure out a budget, and pay for things. It’s all numbers; even computers speak in binary, which is numbers. While other car manufacturers are sitting around the board rooms and planning meetings trying to decide what to call their new car, BMW keeps it simple. Each one of their cars is part of a series, which is either named by letter, or a number, and buyers are able to shop for their preferred vehicle within that series. Pick a number.

In 1917, when BMW was founded following World War I, they began with the production of engines and engine parts, some for motorcycles, but the majority was for aircraft. They became well known for producing engines of exceptional quality, then in 1928, BMW created their first vehicle, the Dixi. Since then, they’ve been building their reputation based on the quality of cars they’re putting out. BMW has cemented their place in the luxury car circuit by not only producing vehicles of unsurpassed excellence, but sporty, fun, and durable models that are tailored to fit every need.

  • 2 Series – The 2 Series is the starting line for BMW automobiles, but it is by no means lesser than its siblings. Boasting 320 horsepower and a 0-60 time of less than five seconds, this little beauty is as quick as a hiccup. Available in two body styles, a coupe and a convertible, the 2 Series BMW is a rear-wheel drive, low to the ground driving machine that was built for the open road. Starting at $32K, the 2 Series BMW is sporty, fun, low to the ground, and ready to conquer the road ahead.
  • 3 Series – The 3 Series has been around for over 40 years and is, by far, the most popular vehicle in the lineup. Available in three different models; sedan, sports wagon, and the Gran Turismo, the 3 Series is perfectly constructed to be as balanced as possible. It will handle like a dream, thanks to an all-new suspension design, and it will back it up with 320 horses. With the newest technology, a head’s up display, you can keep your eyes on the road while still maintaining control of the vehicles infotainment and convenience features, and starting just under $34K, it is clear why the 3 series is still at the head of the class.
  • 4 Series – The 4 Series is based on the design of the three series, but it made to look a little bit sportier, a little bit angrier, and over all, just a little bit more. Outfitted with a BMW Twin Power Turbo engine, the 4 Series is made to reach 60 miles per hour in a little over four seconds, and every facet of the car is built for the driver. The 4 Series has a mileage range of up to 34 miles per gallon, and specialty features in the build to reduce drag from the excess air. Starting at $41K, and available as a coupe, a gran coupe, or a convertible, the 4 series is ready to change your drive.
  • 5 Series – If you’re shopping for a sophisticated and elegant design; a car that oozes the air of luxury, the BMW 5 Series is a good start. Sleek and well-designed, and available as a sedan or the Gran Turismo edition, this BMW is dressed to impress. With state of the art technology, such as adaptive headlights, the heads-up display, and lane departure warning, the 5 Series is up to snuff in terms of modern conveniences. The interior is a testament to BMW’s dedication to their drivers, as every piece of leather is sculpted for maximum comfort. This series starts at just over $50,000, and it prepared to make a statement for you.
  • 6 Series – If you’re looking for something longer, and a little more fluidly designed, without sacrificing power and speed, the 6 Series is where you want to go. With 445 horses under the hood, the Twin Turbo engine isn’t going to leave you struggling to merge quickly enough. Impressive speed isn’t the 6 Series’ only attributes, as the interior is designed for maximum driver convenience, with everything in arm’s reach. This series starts at $77,300 for a coupe, and is available in a gran coupe and a convertible as well. Looking for a little bit more? The 6 Series is also available in the Alpina B6 model for that head turning experience.
  • 7 Series – Designed specifically to be the total package, the 7 Series doesn’t give an inch when it comes to power, performance, technology, comfort or design. Each individual feature in the BMW 7 Series is carefully thought out and fine-tuned. Equipped with a V8 engine, and 445 horsepower there’s no loss of power in the 7 Series. The inside of each of the 7 Series models is the pinnacle of luxury, with a backseat that boasts just as much allure as the front. No one will be fighting for shotgun in this model.

With a continuing commitment to excellence and the air of luxury, BMW strives every day to make powerful, stylish, and attractive vehicles. With a range of prices and models, there is certainly a BMW for each and every driver on the road. When it comes to your BMW, take a number, please.

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