The Porsche 911 is Coming with an Update for 2017

2017 The Porsche 911

The 911 has been one of the most active and sporty cars on the road for many years.  As a longstanding favorite of many drivers the 911 continues to improve each time it is redesigned.  What makes the 911 so amazing is that it has steadfastly continued to offer us a rear-engine amazing drive even when so many have said it should have switched to a mid-engine a long time ago.  Not only that, this car is one of the last to embrace turbocharging which has pleased the naturally aspirated fans for years.  As we await the new updates for the 2017 model, here are several things you should know about this car:

Don’t Believe the Numbers – The horsepower numbers that were listed for the new 911 showed up at 370 for the Carrera and 420 for the Carrera S.  The actual numbers, based on the standard tests used today come in at 365 for the Carrera and 414 for the Carrera S.

Good Sound – Most of the time we hear that turbocharging certainly helps increase the horsepower and the fuel mileage of a car, but mostly have a poor sound.  While sound isn’t the most important part of a car, this new pair of super sports cars will have a great sounding engine to enjoy.

The Engine is Right – With so many super sports cars offering massive engines that are so much more in size than this one the 3.0-liter twin turbocharged flat six-cylinder engine offers a smaller size than what was in the previous model this engine is not considered to be downsized, but sized just right for the car.

Weight Moved – The distribution of weight in this car has been moved toward the rear which actually makes it closer to the 50/50 that would be perfect for any car.  So far Porsche has not given the information as to how much weight has been moved so we will have to wait and see.

Apple Car Play – This car will only have Apple Car Play because of the information Google wants to collect via Android Auto.  This is certainly important to Porsche to keep its information some secret and Apple only wants to know the car is moving, not take a full OBD2 dump so Android users will unfortunately not get an added benefit of connectivity in this car.

Virtual Gearing – At some speeds a gear that is between gears would be better, but most cars do not have that function which requires the choice of one over the other.  Porsche created the PDK system which allows both gears to be partially engaged at the revs produced to ensure you can drive and feel a smooth ride even when at a point that would be in between gears.

Drive Mode – You will have to get the Sport Chrono package to get a real drive mode selector, but even without it you can enjoy a personalized experience by programming the car to your own driving.  This does sound like a bit of extra work in order to have the right equipment and may be changed on future models of the 911.

Air Intake – The air intake ports have been moved under the vertical louvers to feed air into the engine and cool it properly.  This allows the cool air into the intercooler which is then expelled out the ports in the lower part of the rear fascia.  This takes care of the need for the added cooling without compromising any of the traditionally excellent features of the car’s appearance.

Direct Injectors – In most direct injection engines the injectors are mounted to one side of the cylinder, in this case they are centrally located which is expected to give a more effective injection and offer the best pressure for the engine.  Leave it to Porsche to not only offer a turbocharged engine but to offer one that is better than nearly all the other turbos out there.

Drift Mode – If you are an expert driver you can certainly enjoy the fun of a drift mode.  Turning off the traction and stability control and the rear end takes off letting you drift and spin as much as you want.  When you drive a Porsche 911 you want to have the ability to enjoy driving it for fun and function, not just for daily commuting.  Let it drift and see how much fun it can be to whip the rear end around.

Systems On – Even when you have turned off the systems so you can have a highly engaged driving experience, if the car detects the possibility of a crash it will turn the necessary systems back on, overriding your desires to try and keep both you and it safe.  This is called the PSM support and will certainly not affect most drivers, but will be there to save you when needed.

Push to Pass – Simple and effective, the new Porsche 911 will have a button you can push to pass a vehicle in the next lane.  This button will jump into the gear you need and make the car take off so you can pass other vehicles on the road without effort from you.

More Base Models Offered – Unfortunately exotic sports cars are not typically profitable the 911 will be sold in more base models because that is one of the models on this car that certainly will offer a fantastic profit for the company and in the Volkswagen group they do need to pull their weight and this car is certainly one way they can do this.

Now you know more about the upcoming Porsche 911, this should certainly be one of the best cars you ever see and want to enjoy along any open road and track.

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