The Toyota Corolla Continues to Commute

2016 Toyota Corolla

Like it or not it’s really hard to sell the Corolla as anything more than it actually is and that is a commuter car.  The Corolla is great as a car that works well for the carpool or makes for a comfortable and fuel efficient ride that is perfect for anyone who needs a great car for traveling around the country and their job requires many miles of driving.  For the driver the Corolla can be one of the best places to sit for long periods of time, but if you expect this car to win races or take corners at high speeds you need to look elsewhere for the excitement you seek.

Even though the Corolla is a car that is not built on fun the four-cylinder engine that puts out 132 horsepower and 128 lb.-ft. of torque makes for a very efficient engine.  This is especially the case with the engine is attached to the CVT automatic transmission instead of the six-speed manual that is found on the Corolla S.  The S is the sport model, but let’s be honest, there isn’t much sport to be had, but the S model adds rear disc brakes, 17-inch allow wheels and a sportier suspension to make an even better ride than the base model.

Driving in either model of the Corolla can be a pleasurable experience as long as your expectation are that of a sports car.  The Corolla has been an attractive car for many years and once you enjoy the 29 city/37 hwy mpg that you can enjoy it won’t be long before you feel this car is a great drive.  As one of the most popular commuter cars on the road today the Corolla makes for a great car at a reasonable price that gives you everything you want from your Corolla including some great features.

At the higher end of the spectrum you can pay as much as $23,570 for the Corolla S and enjoy the benefits of Softex leather-like seats, a moonroof, a navigation system, a 6.1-inch touch screen, hands-free keyless entry, satellite radio, power front seats, 17-inch alloy wheels, foglights, a rear spoiler, a leather wrapped steering wheel with paddle shifter and turn signals in the side mirrors.  With all these amazing features on a car that is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum you can certainly enjoy any drive to and from work and may even find yourself heading out on the weekends for a Sunday drive in your Corolla.

As we move forward with the compact sedan namesake from Toyota that has been one of the most amazing sellers in the history of the auto industry the Corolla may see others improving beyond its capabilities.  Until that time we can enjoy what the Corolla is, a great commuter car, and take advantage of what is offered inside this great car for anyone to take it for a drive and enjoy owning a great car that takes care of our daily needs in a fuel efficient manner.

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