The Ultimate Hippy-Mobile

VW Minibus

When you think of the Hippies of the 1960s and 1970s what comes to mind.  Other than the drugs and the anti-war stance many who referred to themselves and Hippies or were part of this movement were in tune with nature and were a version of a conservationist society that is truly important in today’s world.  With so many companies working toward a way to save the planet and use as little of the fossil fuels and resources as possible Volkswagen is coming back out with the VW Minibus which was the iconic Hippy-mobile of the time when being a Hippy was actually cool.

Why is Volkswagen bringing back the VW Minibus?  Seeing other companies turning to throwback styles and builds now is a great time to bring back a classic.  We also see a variety of great beach going vehicles around the country and this VW vehicle was always one that was great for going to the beach.  Not only was it the perfect vehicle for heading to the beach but it also offered the ability to head out for a camp out or just for a drive in the country or around town.  With the space this vehicle had in place the possibilities are endless as to where you can go.

How does this new Minibus become a vehicle that will help save resources?  The new Minibus is expected to be powered by an electric powertrain to make it offer great fuel mileage and save on the fuel.  Most likely the Minibus will be offered with a hybrid power system that has the electric power with a specific amount of all electric range and then an excellent and efficient range extender that will give us a fantastic amount of distance we can travel before having to refuel at all.

The build is actually one of the perfect designs for the purpose the Minibus was originally built for.  This vehicle offers a design of the square and solid build with a few curves and a quirky look to it so it can be a fantastic vehicle to drive and ride in.  When you get inside the Minibus you know you are going on an adventure even if it’s just for running errands, but as many owners did during the heyday of this vehicle you can get out and see the country in the Minibus that allows you to take the whole family or turn it into the camping spot for you and your traveling partner.

Even though the announcement has already been released that VW will make the Minibus no specific date of release has been announced as of yet.  We can all certainly look forward to when this awesome vehicle makes it return to our roads so that a brand new generation of travelers can enjoy the fun and excitement of driving and seeing the entire country in a bus that carries the large VW logo on the front and shows off a design full of great space for stuff or people to go along with you.

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