The Volvo Transition

02.08.16 - Volvo Logo

What changed at Volvo? You remember the Volvo of old which was touted simply as a brand full of safe to drive vehicles even if they were ugly, clunky and devoid of any style. These cars were actually admired not only for their safety but for the fact you could easily add a more powerful engine and still feel safe and secure in these cars was something of a benefit, but as we have evolved in our desires for vehicles, the old style offered by Volvo was passed over for cars that offered more enticing appearances, which meant the brand needed to do something to make a change.

Now we see Volvo models that are shapely, stylish and attractive. These vehicles are fun to drive and still offer the safety that you have come to expect from Volvo. The various vehicles in the lineup from Volvo are more enticing than ever and give you the luxury feel of models that are top for their performance and the features you can have on them. Volvo has been ahead of the pack when it comes to driver information systems, as one of the first brands to offer enhanced cruise controls, rearview cameras and much more, but how did they evolve their designs?

In 2013 a new design team was formed which brought in Thomas Ingenlath and Briton Robin Page. Ingenlath had been the Audi and Skoda designer for many years (notice any similarities to the Audi models) and Page was part of the team from Rolls-Royce and Bentley who handled much of the interior design for these two brands. With this pairing, a single design platform was built that would fit across all Volvo models to be the new design strategy that gives us the vehicles that we love today.

In order to be the look and feel that Volvo wants to enjoy Volvo has embraced a mild look on the outside while being fully elegant and luxury-laden on the inside. What is amazing to witness with this new design is the fact that two non-Swedish born designers could perfectly master the look and feel we want to see in the Volvo brand. Using simplicity of design and the external looks that have given many Japanese cars the appearance we want Volvo has now positioned itself as the brand that will give us everything we want, powerful engines, tons of safety, excellent technology and now the look and feel we want when driving a car.

Is there a Volvo model in your future? You should certainly consider it. The entire lineup offers you all the features and feelings you want to enjoy in order to have the right vehicle for you. Will this single design plan continue to work as well as it has for the past few years? Probably not, Volvo will most likely have to evolve the look and feel of their vehicles to keep up with other brands, but the changes they have already made prove they are willing to change as needed; making for a brand that will last a long time.

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