It’s time to Reduce the City Noise

08.18.16 - Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck

When you live in a city there are a variety of noises that make their way around you on a daily basis. If you leave your windows open on garbage day you can hear the trucks and their airbrakes in the streets around you, if you live near stores and shops that have regular deliveries you might use them for your early morning alarm clock and when it comes to construction its likely you hear the noise of jackhammers and heavy equipment on a regular basis. Over time you might not even notice the noises around you in the city, but should you have to live with the noise pollution that takes place?

Mercedes-Benz feels we should have quieter cities and even be able to enjoy a reduction in pollutants from the trucks that are in our cities. At least that’s the spin they’ve put on their new fully electric big rig, the Urban eTruck which is capable of carrying as much as 29 tons of cargo and offers a range of only 124 miles per charge. this isn’t range enough to be a long distance over-the-road hauler, but could be perfect for a distribution network that needs to have products delivered all around the city.

The beauty of these battery powered trucks will be two-fold. First we will get to enjoy the fact the trucks make only a little noise when on the road, which helps reduce the noise pollution that we’ve become accustomed to in the city and second there will be much less pollution from these trucks than from those which are typically used now. Now that the Urban eTruck is complete and ready to begin the production process Mercedes-Benz plans to have fleets of these trucks all over the world within the next decade.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the battery technology that has made significant strides over the past several years. Using a similar setup to Tesla’s in floor battery system the eTruck has several battery cells in the support members of the truck to house them in an area which will allow weight to be evenly distributed. The battery cells called the Daimler Fuso Canter E-cell has been in testing for years and has been used for civic duties in cities around the area to see exactly how they would perform.

Now that these batteries have passed the test of waste management and forest maintenance facilities in Portugal Mercedes-Benz is ready to put the eTruck on the road. This truck is expected to save a great deal of money making it one of the most efficient and effective ways for companies to distribute their goods to areas around the distribution center. Certainly the next step once the eTruck is on the road in every city is to tackle the need for long distance trucking of products by using battery power, but until that breakthrough occurs lets enjoy the fact that Mercedes-Benz is about to reduces the noise and air pollution of our cities. You can learn a bit more about the eTruck by watching this video.

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