Is it Time for a Rough and Ready EV?

03.17.17 - Bollinger Motors

The typical EV model is right for you to enjoy the ride but comes in a typically small and impressive build that normally has an eye for added range from the aerodynamics and the style of the vehicle. With this limitation it becomes harder to believe that EV models could ever move beyond this and become powerful and efficient enough to be put in large SUV or pickup trucks for us to enjoy what these massive machines can give us when we want the right vehicle to drive for the work we have to get done.

There is one company that feels they can help change this image and provide an EV model that can be powerful enough and offer enough range to give you a great truck to have the capability you need when you’re in the business of getting hard work done. This truckmaker is Bollinger Motors out of New York and they are a startup EV model that could be on the verge of bringing us the work truck we want that’s an EV model. They have released a black and white photo that shows how this truck could give us an older style and look more like a military vehicle than we’ve had before.

The idea is to have this new truck be the right solution for ranchers, off roading, construction workers, and anyone else that needs a rough and tough vehicle to get the job done. This new vehicle is expected to have an aluminum chassis, convertible body panels and a hydropneumatic adjustable suspension. This new vehicle is expected to be able to offer you hauling, cargo space and the torque and ground clearance you want when you have the need for a tough and impressive truck to drive that comes with an EV powertrain.

This new truck from Bollinger is expected to be classified as a medium-duty vehicle that offers you the work and features you’ll need when it’s time to see what this truck can do. The idea is to show us this new vehicle in the summer in New York. This could be a revolution in the EV market that has been littered with small but unimaginative models with a huge gap to the luxury rides that are offered by Tesla. Having a pickup truck come in and fill in the gaps can help us have the ride we need without the gasoline or diesel engine that pollutes the air we breathe.

This new vehicle has been designed by Robert Bollinger, the company founder, and is being described as the perfect truck without the negative environmental effects. If this truck is successful and launches in the summer it could lead to a revolution in the EV market. The possibilities are endless and this truck could lead to a market of SUVs that are powered by electricity and end up being the way the EV market changes and improves for the entire automotive market; we’ll see what Bollinger has when the summer arrives in a few months.

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