Toyota C-HR is a Prius-like SUV for Fun

12.28.16 - Toyota C-HR

The C-HR is a compact crossover SUV that has been in the plans for nearly a decade but has finally made its way to the market to be a new model from Toyota. This model was originally going to be part of the now deleted Scion brand, which is possibly why it has been delayed until now. Strangely enough, the Japanese press was the last, or at least it felt that way, in the world to know this little SUV was on its way to the market, even though there are already 29,000 preorders for this little SUV in Japan.

The new C-HR debuted at the Geneva Motor Show and then made another showing at the LA Motor Show in November. This new compact ca has also performed some laps around the track at Nurburgring for us to see how it would perform and become the SUV that has quickness and a small build, but all this took place before this little vehicle was presented to the Japanese media at all. Now that it has been released to the home media of the country this vehicle hails from, it can be an official plan for the future.

The C-HR is the second vehicle to be built off the TNGA platform, following the new Prius which was brought to us just this past year. This little SUV has some unique features to make it special, such as rear door handles that are built in near the top of the doors and all the features you want to have in a great little vehicle. You’ll also have the benefit of buttons that are in a position that’s been described as being playful for adults to enjoy inside this small but enjoyable SUV that’s perfect for you on the road.

Under the hood, the power shows up in a way that makes the Compact High Rider (C-HR) feel more like it is nothing more than a small hatchback car. the base engine is a 1.2-liter turbo that puts out a small but powerful enough number for you or you can enjoy the same hybrid system that’s found in the new Prius. This makes for a way to get the power you want in a vehicle that looks just as polarizing as the Prius on the road. If you already love the new Prius and its look, the C-HR will be perfect for you as well.

Right now the plan for the C-HR is to build nearly 170,000 of them per year. the first 100,000 will be built in the Toyota factory in Turkey while the rest will be made in Japan. This new SUV will be available in the next few weeks for customers in Europe to start buying theirs. The ones that will make it to the US won’t arrive until the early part of next year, making it a delayed delivery. Those who have preordered this SUV without even seeing it will be waiting until March for the delivery of their new compact SUV. Over the next several months we will get a better idea of where this interestingly polarizing vehicle will fit in.

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