Trucks for the Mud You Wish You Had

01.09.17 - The SHERP

While most truck can handle some trails and even a little bit of mud the thought of a truck that’s practically amphibious is one that has us excited. In our nation heading off road into areas where the mud gets deep and water can swirl around you is a luxury but in some countries it necessary to cross an area after a rainstorm that’s been put under water. Having a truck that can cross these areas makes a huge difference in bringing supplies and food to those on the other side of that region, but these trucks are also ones we’d like to have in the US to enjoy the fun of crossing areas of deeper mud and muck.


The SHERP is s a small and slow moving vehicle that isn’t built for speed, but it certainly can get wherever you need to go. A top speed of 30 mph isn’t impressive, but the way it moves through water at three mph is impressive. The wheels are buoyant, making it possible for this little truck to swim across deeper water to make sure whatever its hauling can be brought to the destination.

Avtoros Shaman 8×8 All-Terrain Vehicle

This vehicle sounds like it’s over the top, but it’s simply an amazing beast to move whatever you need. At 19 feet long, 10 feet high and eight feet wide this is a true behemoth. The 8×8 weighs in at 2.5 tons and is powered by a 146 horsepower turbocharged diesel engine. What makes it special is the 8WD that’s offered to allow you to switch between three steering systems to make sure you can have the ride you need across every type of terrain. On the road you can use the front four-wheel steering, while the trails may need to use the rear-wheel steering system as well and in Crab Mode you can steer all eight wheels at once to move however you need to.

ZiL-157 6×6

This brute is happy to cross the mud, but it wants out of the muck as quickly as possible, making it perfect for the task. This is a Soviet built truck that resembles the same 6×6 design that was used by the Allies after WWII. This is a truck that’s been all over the world and is still used by the Ukrainian Army as recently as 2012. This is a sturdy brute that doesn’t get stuck in the mud; rather it makes a difference in the drive and can reach every destination.

Toyota Hilux 4×4

This is a truck that we are somewhat familiar with because we would love for it to make its way to the US at some point in the near future. The Hilux is a brute that could be one of the most popular small tough trucks if it were brought to North America. This truck is built with luxury features and shows up as a vehicle that you won’t mind getting dirty in on a regular basis; it’s a ton of fun on the trails and shows off its agility in areas that get the pleasure of enjoying what this vehicle is.

GAZ-66 4×4

This truck is no longer produced but some are still prowling the trails of the world. This brute was made as a joint venture between Ford and the USSR in the early days of the Soviet Union. This beast has power and was built to be an infantry truck in the late 1960s. Eventually some civilian versions were made and as you can see from the video, it’s still able to tear up the mud and provide you with an impressive performance on the trails.

In the US, we don’t have anything quite like these trucks at all. We could have a Wrangler or a Tacoma with a snorkel on it to handle higher water, but these beasts are meant to cross the unexpected trails and mud that could happen with flash rains and flooding in many regions of the world. Hopefully some of these brutes will eventually make it to the US for us to enjoy the power and the fun of impressive off road capabilities that even our Jeep Wranglers can’t handle.


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