Two New Recalls for Toyota

07.20.16 - Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda

While the Takata air bag recall has affected every automaker in one way or another Toyota is handling a different kind of airbag recall from a different manufacturer. As the largest single car company in the world it’s no surprise Toyota has to deal with recalls that reach the millions of vehicles on a regular basis. For these two recalls Toyota is having vehicles recalled for airbags and for faulty fuel emissions controls. These two recalls affect a wide variety of vehicles in many parts of the world, but so far the good news is neither one has caused an accident, injury or fatality.

The airbag recall will affect 1.43 million vehicles that are equipped with the Autoliv Inc. airbag. This recall is for the Prius Hybrids, Prius plug-ins and Lexus CT200h models that were produced form October 2008 until April 2012. This recall affects 743,000 vehicles in Japan, 495,000 in North America, 141,000 in Europe, 9,000 in China and 46,000 in other parts of the world. These airbags are said to have a small crack in some inflators in the air bags on the driver and passenger side and may expand partially with no signal to do so.

There have been seven reported incidents of the Autoliv airbags partially inflating in Prius models but in all seven instances the cars were parked and no one was in them which meant no reported injuries or accidents. Autoliv is cooperating fully with investigators and the cost to the company for replacing these airbags is reported to be estimated between $10 million and $40 million.

The second recall for the emissions control system will affect 2.87 million vehicles. The breakdown for this recall involves Prius modes, the Auris, Corolla, Zelas, Lucas and the Lexus HS250h and CT200h that were produced between April 2006 and August 2015. The affected areas are 1.55 million vehicles in Japan, 713,000 in Europe, 35,000 in China and 568,000 in other parts of the world, but none in North America.

The affected part is called the canister and is said to develop cracks in the coating which will lead to the possibility of fuel leaks. No reported incidents have occurred with this particular item as of yet, but since Toyota has discovered this problem they need to handle it and make sure the vehicles affected can be repaired under this recall so they can be as fuel efficient as possible.

Because there are 932,000 vehicles that are involved in both recalls the actual grand total number of vehicles that are affected is 3.37 million worldwide. Considering this is a recall that affects models that have been produced over the past ten years by the largest automaker in the world it’s a relatively small number of vehicles. Thankfully there haven’t been any incidents of property damage or bodily harm caused by these defects which makes this a recall that Toyota can handle with ease, especially considering Autoliv Inc. has to take responsibility for the airbag recalls that must take place.

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