Vehicles You Might Not Think about Taking Off Road

06.06.16 - 2017 Bentley Bentayga

The automotive world is full of vehicles that can perform a wide variety of tasks on any road or in the wilderness. Most of the time off road vehicles are put into two categories, 4×4’s and crossovers. The 4×4’s are meant to head out on trails and typically have a box on frame design while the crossovers are made to handle foul weather while still offering a car-like drive that you want to enjoy on the road. There are many crossovers that will surprise you with their capabilities and may even be at a price that makes you not want to take them off road, but these five are some that will really surprise you with their capability in an area that isn’t paved.

Lexus LX 570When you get down to the bones of this vehicle you might not be as surprised as you should be. Most of the Lexus SUVs are made to remain on the pavement, but the LX570 is basically the Toyota Land Cruiser which has always been a more than capable off roading vehicle for us to admire and enjoy. Using a sophisticated Crawl Control system this is the SUV you can trust anywhere off the beaten path.

Subaru ForesterThe Outback is the name that comes to mind most when you think of Subaru trail capability, but this might be more for the cult way the Outback is followed. The Forester is by far the most capable Subaru vehicle and is one that offers more ground clearance than the Jeep Grand Cherokee and has outstanding off road angles. The new 2017 version will come equipped with an X-Mode button that activates the hill descent control and traction control that is perfect for the loose terrain you might encounter in the wilderness.

Mazda CX-5The company that brings us the Miata also makes this highly capable crossover SUV that is one of the most impressive when the roads and trails get slippery. Using the AWD system for improved traction and other tools aboard this is a vehicle that will return you home safely. The CX-5 even senses the roads may be slippery when you turn on the windshield wipers and this triggers the system to handle the traction and stability in an improved manner to ensure you have the ride you need and the ability to reach your destination without incident.

Volvo V60 Cross CountryThis is a Volvo station wagon which we have seen all over the place, but this one is special in that is can easily be considered a high riding vehicle that is capable of handling light trails and off road challenges. This car has three inches of ground clearance over the typical V60 wagon and carries a suspension that is derived from the XC60 to give it more flexibility on and off the road. This isn’t a car you can take rock crawling, but you could cover the desert sand in this beast without any trouble.

Bentley BentaygaJust because this vehicle comes with every possible luxury feature and a price that this beauty calls for doesn’t mean it can’t have a little fun in the outdoors. As a vehicle that will be marketed for the Middle East it has to be capable in the off road settings and Bentley ensured it would be able to be a dune basher whenever called upon to do so. Whether or not you opt for the $160,000 clock that can be in the dashboard or save that money for some survival gear is up to you, the Bentayga will get you wherever you need to go.

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