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03.08.17 - Mazda6

Cars can be fun to drive and they really should be at nearly every level of driving. The car that’s the poster child of fun is the Mazda MX-5 Miata but that’s not the only fun car on the road. There are other cars that are fun as well and can give you the ride you’re looking for when you need a bit of driving therapy. These cars aren’t the fastest on four wheels and they don’t come at a high price making them some of the best cars to drive when you want something active and fun that can give you the ride you’ve been after.

Subaru ImprezaThe Impreza offers you a great ride that makes a huge difference on the road. This is a car that offers you the AWD that you want when you want to push the limits but keep the car under control. Over the years this hasn’t always been the car you’d choose when you wanted something fun to drive, but now this is a great car to give you the ride you want and make it easier than ever for you on the road, giving off the look and feel you’ve been after.

Mazda6It should come as no surprise that the Mazda 6 is one of the most fun cars to drive as it makes the ride thrilling and handles the curves and turns on the road the way you want it to. You can have the Mazda 6 with a manual transmission and enjoy the ride where you’re planning to go in this midsized sedan. Let this car show you want fun is in a spacious vehicle, which isn’t a normal pairing, but it seems to work extremely well in the Mazda 6.

Honda FitHere is a small hatchback that doesn’t look like it could be fun and when you see the power numbers you’ll not it’s not a fun car to drive. Once you step in behind the wheel you’ll immediately be proven wrong. The Honda car offers you the roomy cabin you want and the configuration that makes a huge difference on the road. When you want something that will make a difference for you on the road and gives you the enthusiasm you’re looking for this is the car you need to look to for the fun and active drive you want.

Volkswagen BeetleThe Beetle looks like a fun car to drive but more it looks like a cute car to drive. This is a car that will let you have the fun you want as it rides on a platform that was once part of the GTI lineup. You’ll love the quick handling and the active controls of this car when you’re ready for the car to give you the look, feel and ride you want. If you’ve imagined what it would be like to drive a full sized go kart, this is the car you want to choose to get on the road and get going.

Honda Accord HybridMost of the time we don’t think of hybrid cars as fun, but this Accord is one that gives you great fuel mileage and the dynamic drive you’re looking for. This is a car that looks great and feels amazing from behind the wheel. You’ll have more torsional rigidity and adaptive dampers to enjoy the ride and make sure you have the fun you’re looking for in a car that’s able to give you more of what you want. You can even choose the Sport mode and have an even more engaged driving experience in this car.

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