We Knew it Was True

03.21.16 - Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The word was out last year but because of the history it was barely believable. BMW, the parent company of Rolls-Royce, confirmed last year there was a plan to build and all new Rolls-Royce. That’s not really big news because some of the models and names have been around for so long, the big news was the fact this new Rolls model would be an off roading SUV.

Recently pictures were captured of what appears to be engineering mules for this new Rolls-Royce SUV which has been coded named Cullinan. This name certainly keeps with true Rolls tradition as the name that was given to the biggest diamond ever found. This new SUV will be expectedly elegant but also capable and rugged enough to take on any terrain that current models from other manufacturers can tackle. This new SUV is planned for release in 2018 and will be quickly positioned above the Bentley Bentayga, but that should have been expected; it is a Rolls-Royce.

As a sub-brand of BMW the concern might be that this SUV will be an upmarket derivative of the BMW X lineup, but that is not the case. The new board member who has been appointed to lead the research and development, Klaus Frohlich, confirmed this new SUV will be all new with everything you expect from Rolls-Royce. This means exceptional craftsmanship and a perfected driving experience that leaves no detail to chance. You can only imagine how over the top opulent this SUV will be as Rolls-Royce works to put its name into a category it hasn’t been part of in the past.

You might expect a new model to need a new plant to build in, but because Rolls-Royce as a company sells only about 4,000 vehicles per year and this additional model is only expected to increase that number to about 7,000 there is no need for expansion. This new SUV will be produced at the plant in Goodwood and the plant is being expanded to fit the additional product, while remaining with the same total acreage. With this new product under the roof and the goal set at the 7,000 mark, if reached, Rolls-Royce would experience the greatest sales capacity they have ever experienced during their entire time in business. Even though Rolls-Royce has never been a volume producer the company certainly will welcome the opportunity to have a new model that brings in some added revenue.

The expectation is that this won’t be the only Rolls-Royce SUV we get to see and it won’t be the only vehicle that is equipped with four-wheel drive. This new aluminum spaceframe architecture will allow for small production runs of special models in the future, which will make for some awesome collector’s items and fantastic models that are ready to take on the trails of the world. This tall SUV is planned to ride on massive 22-inch wheels but it will have nearly the same capability on the open world as the Range Rover models.

As expected this new SUV will make use of the V12 engine that has been one of the signature elements of Rolls-Royce for many years. The output is still to be determined, but this new SUV will certainly give those who love to purchase models from Rolls-Royce the ability to have one that is great when handling the outdoors and the trails that can be found while enjoying all the luxury features that can be had in any model from this highly respected brand name.

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