We will See Another Spider on the Market Soon

BMW i8 Spyder model

Many of the high end sports cars gain the moniker of Spider when they are offered as convertible versions.  Often this is a response to a call on the market when many buyers would love to have the ability to enjoy the sports car with a removable top and still have some of the most impressive performance on the market.  With that in mind you might wonder if we will see a Spider on some of the higher performing hybrid models, especially on a new to the market car like the BMW i8.

Are you familiar with the i8?  Let me tell you a bit about this awesome car.  The i8 is a true sports car from every vantage point as it offers you the massive performance that comes from the powerful engine and the exceptional control elements of the car.  this is a car that is nearly entirely electronically operated, showing you the height of BMW engineering and innovation.  With a true roadster attitude and build this sports car is made to let you have a great ride from an exclusive and exciting car that comes from the maker of the most athletic cars on the market.

For a few more specifics, the i8 shows up with a full 357 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft. of torque for you to have the power you want for an exciting ride in a sports car.  For a sports car and a roadster this doesn’t necessarily sound like great power, but with a lightweight build full of carbon fiber this car is even more intriguing that just the power it presents.  The engine of the i8 is a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that has 231 horsepower that is assisted by a 131 horsepower electric motor to give you a car that is not only powerful but also efficient.

Typically a BMW i8 is able to reach sixty mph in less than 4.2 seconds and even with the added weight of the convertible top the Spyder version will still have a performance that is exceptionally close to this number.  The Spyder model is expected to arrive for the 2017 model year to give us a new version of this already highly acclaimed sports car.  The couple model already shows up at a price of $141,695 to be priced right for the company it keeps and the Spyder model will be a bit more to give you a great convertible model to love.

When you take this beauty out to the track and start talking about what is under the hood you might get some strange stares or chuckles from the track crowd, but once they see the instant torque you have from the electric motor, the fully engaged suspension and braking that allow you to cut the corners as tight as possible and the absolute quickness this car will let you enjoy no one will be laughing.  When you’re done at the track you can take the top off and have a great time cruising with this awesome car in the country, giving you the best of all driving you want to have with a roadster.

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