Weight Up and Down

2016 Yellow KIA Soul

For years cars have gotten heavier because the new technology installed adds more heft to a vehicle, especially when you add a battery pack to a hybrid.  In the past few years many automakers have worked to bring some of these weights down for the purpose of maximizing power and adding more fuel efficiency.  You can enjoy more from a car with lower weight from every aspect, more power, more performance and certainly better fuel mileage and automakers can offer you smaller engines to increase the fuel mileage even more.  To go along with that when a car is lighter and has turbochargers attached to the engine the horsepower can match higher cylinder numbers with smaller engines, giving us the best of both worlds.

With that said, there are many lightweight cars you can buy to help you enjoy some great driving and excellent fuel savings or power performance (whichever way the car is built), here are many under 3,000 pounds:

Toyota CorollaThis car at the base model is only 2,800 pounds and at the top level adds only 75 pounds to the total.  This car has been known for many years as one that gives you a fantastic car to enjoy for your daily commute.  With fuel numbers of 30 city/42 hwy this car is one of the best in its class.

Subaru BRZ This little performance player weighs in at 2,764 pounds with a max if 2,824 at the top level.  With the standard AWD the BRZ offers a direct approach to handling and gives you a fun drive on any road.  When you want something that is easy to love this is a great car to choose.

Scion FR-SAs the performance twin to the BRZ this car offers a base weight of 2,758 and a max of 2,806.  Just as much fun as the BRZ to drive and equipped with a beautiful six-speed manual transmission this car can be one you have a lot of great driving on the open roads.

Kia SoulThis small hatchback/SUV comes in at 2,714 pounds with the top level being 2,837 pounds for the Exclaim trim.  This quirky and funky little car has been a fan favorite for those on a budget with its youthful personality and outstanding features that you can certainly have a lot of fun driving.

Kia RioThe Kia Rio shows up at the weight of 2,656 pounds which will max out at 2,729 pounds on the SX trim.  Even though you might not expect it this car offers a lot of great features that typically add weight, but somehow the Rio doesn’t have a problem being packed and light for your enjoyment.

Honda CR-ZThe CR-Z is a sporty hybrid crossover that isn’t much larger than some of the small sedans on the road.  This two-door beauty shows up at 2,639 pounds and will reach as high as 2,716 for the top models.  This build gives you a vehicle with awesome handling that becomes a lot of fun out on the road.

Mini HardtopWe love the Cooper for its style and its size, these vehicles are attractive and just look like fun.  They are also light in weight at 2,625 pounds for the base and 2,930 for the top model.  Toss in that the JCW gives you 228 horsepower this car can be quick and powerful especially at this size.

Ford FiestaThe Fiesta has gone from being a boring old hatchback to a great performance player at the ST trim.  This car offers a weight of 2,537 for the base model and 2,742 for the ST which will let you have so much fun from behind the wheel of this awesome little hot hatch which is fun to drive.

Honda FitWhen you look at the Fit its tiny on the outside but spacious on the inside, which just seems nuts, but the Magic Seats makes it possible.  The weight is down too at 2,513 for the base and a max of 2,642 for the top EX-L trim.  This low weight and space inside make the Fit a great car to drive.

Toyota Prius CHere is a hybrid that actually makes the cut and the Prius C with its city fuel mileage of 53 mpg makes for one of the best cars you can have in a congested area.  The weight of 2,500 pounds and the powertrain allows this car to be one of the most efficient on the road to help you save money.

Hyundai AccentSharing some features with the Kia Rio this car is much lighter and comes in at 2,480 for the base and 2,635 for the top model.  The tech is one way this car stays low in the weight and if you want tech you have to add it, but this car certainly will give you plenty of fuel savings to enjoy.

Alfa Romeo 4CThe 4C is one of the most attractive high performance exotic cars on the market and it comes in under our weight threshold.  This car is only 2,465 pounds at that base and 2,487 for the Spider model.  When you want some fun and fast driving this is a car to choose that gives you both easily.

Nissan VersaAs the cheapest vehicle on the market this car is also one of the lightest.  At a weight of 2,396 at the lowest and 2,523 at the most this car not only is inexpensive it’s also one that certainly offers you the ability to have a fun drive from a car that won’t break your bank in price or at the pump.

Scion iAThe iA is a new offering that gives us a small sedan from the brand and this little beauty shows up at 2,385 pounds for the base model with the 6AT coming in at 2,416 pounds.  In collaboration with Mazda this car comes with some great Skyactiv technologies to make it a car that will be fun to drive.

Fiat 500No surprise here, this tiny Fiat comes in very light even though the platform is coming close to a decade old.  At 2,366 pounds for the base and 2,545 for the Abarth Cabrio this car allows you to have a lot of fun and enjoy the quick handling of a lightweight car that certainly offers you a throwback look.

Mazda MX-5 MiataAnother car you knew would be on this list is the Miata.  This is the performance king of the road that is hell bent on being fun to drive in all forms.  The Miata shows up at 2,332 pounds for the base and 2,381 pounds for the 6AT to give you a lightweight car you can toss around and enjoy.

Toyota YarisWhat is the Yaris?  It’s a basic transportation car that will give you great fuel mileage and its excellent at being that.  This car offers you a weight of 2,315 pounds for the base and 2,335 for the 4AT to give you a car that is easy to love and will make your commute be exactly what you want.

Chevrolet SparkThe Spark has been redesigned to look more grown up and become more of an attraction to a larger audience.  Like the Yaris, this is a basic commuter car that comes in at a weight of 2,246 pounds on the base model and 2,312 when the CVT is installed to give you excellent fuel mileage.

Smart FortwoWe know this is a tiny car and you would expect it to be on the list.  Honestly I’m surprised it’s as heavy as it is at 1,984 pounds and 2,053 pounds with the automatic transmission installed.  This car will give you an efficient and cost saving commute when you choose it as your car.

Mitsubishi MirageThe lightest car on the list that is sold in the US is the Mirage.  At 1,973 pounds for the base and 2.051 for the ES trim with the CVT this car is affordable and comes at a small size but allows you to have a car that won’t make you give up other features you might want on your ride.


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