What does an Economy Car Mean to You

2016 White Fiat 500

Typically the title or description of Economy Car brings to mind the thought of a set of hamsters under the hood on bicycles or at least something close to that for power.  Normally you think of these cars and shudder wondering what you have to compromise on in order to have a car that will be the commuter mobile for you to drive.  While many economy class cars are not powerful and have a negative feeling associated with them it’s important for you to see there are some economy class cars that are actually great to drive; here are some for you to consider.

Ford Fiesta The name alone tells you this is a car that can be lots of fun and certainly is considered to be an economy car.  Ford has done a great job giving us the hot hatch on some of their models and the Fiesta ST is one you will love to have as much fun as possible  in even a base model of the Fiesta.

Kia RioThis is a hatchback that changed from being an awful and cheap model to one that is still affordable but is now attractive and stylish all around.  This fun to drive car can be tossed around the city traffic with ease and agility to give you a car that is perfect for your everyday driving needs.

Kia SoulIn this car you do expect the hamsters to come out and play, but they are in the passenger seat rather than under the hood.  This funky toaster is a car that has become a favorite among many for its unique style and great performance to go along with a menu full of awesome equipment for you.

Chevrolet SparkThe Spark used to be a bit laughable with the bubble-eyed headlights but it now offers some great style and is a lot of fun to drive.  This may not be a hot hatch with awesome power under the hood, but it is a car that has the quickness to be fun and the looks to be attractive.

Chevrolet SonicAs a bit of a larger offering than the Spark the Sonic which gives you more space to enjoy the ride and is able to handle the job of carrying more passengers than the Spark the Sonic is able to be a hot hatch.  The RS model gives you turbocharged power and come at a great price.

Volkswagen GolfAs one of the most dynamic and enticing cars on the road the Golf has been a favorite of many shoppers.  You will love the Golf for its size and the drive especially if you step up to the GTI which adds performance where you want it, under the hood and in the controls.

Mazda 3The Mazda 3 has been lauded as one of the best looking cars on the market and is a  lot of fun to drive in both the hatchback and the sedan models.  This is an economy car that comes from the company that made “zoom zoom” popular to give us a quickness of acceleration and sharp control.

Honda FitThe Fit may be a bit on the fence, but it does have a great style and the shape to offer you a fun drive that is not easy to ignore.  You will love the character that appears in every part of the car on the outside and carries this character to the interior of the car to add to the pleasure of driving the Fit.

Mini CooperIf you can’t love the Mini Cooper I feel very sad for you.  This is one of the most attractive cars that brings forward a style from decades ago that has been admired for the entire time.  Add in the modern technology and a fun little engine full of efficiency and you have a car that is just right.

Fiat 500The 500 is a bit of a change of form that offers a more subdued styling than most other models but an exciting and inviting performance.  The secret to having a great version of this car you should select the 500T to ensure you have the turbocharged model that will be the fun drive you want.

Jeep RenegadeWhen was the last time you heard of a Jeep being an economy class vehicle?  Probably before the Renegade was ever thought of, but this little SUV is such a model and gives you a small engine and build in order to offer you the efficiency you want and the off road capability to be fun.

Smart ForTwoThe Smart ForTwo is an excellent choice if you need to get in and out of city spaces easily and quickly.  Most of the time this is just a car that gives you the city commuting ability you want, but you can bring home a few bags of groceries with this tiny little gasoline saving two-seater.

Scion iA Mazda must have turned over the rights to the Mazda 2 to Scion because that is exactly what this car is underneath.  With this car you will have a great little sedan to drive that is efficient and extremely attractive.  This is a new car that will be great as a first real car for some younger shoppers.

Hyundai Veloster This has been a confusion car, but it has the ability to be a sporty looking hatchback car that will give you the performance you want to be great to drive and handle the challenges of any road while also being a beautiful little car that has a turbo engine to give you even more oomph.

BMW i3 The i3 is the most expensive car on this list and is a high performing all-electric car that offers you a way to enjoy the ride and know you aren’t costing yourself anything when it comes to fuel costs.  This is to be the future of the economy class of driving  and is a fantastic choice for your city driving.

When someone tells you economy class cars are the bottom feeders in the world of vehicles you should point them in the direction of this list full of cars that have good performance, excellent styling and the uniqueness to be some of the best driving cars you can find on the market today.  Don’t get fooled into compromising for cars that don’t get the job done for you, let these cars be your guide to great driving and fuel efficiency to let you know you can actually have the best of both worlds.

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