What Happened When Opel was Cool?

01.21.16 - Opel Logo

Did you know Opel was cool at one time? This was a car company that made its own form of a GT which was a car that was just as sporty as some of the best made sports cars of the era before. This sports car was actually a car that made a full production run from 1968 until 1973 and looked a lot like a shrunk down version of the Corvette of the time. This little car was quick, offering us a top speed of 115 mph this was a car you wanted to buy and it was even sold in the United States.

The Opel badge has often been reserved for Europe, but the GT had the success needed to let this name come across the pond. In 1975 Opel became extremely successful with the GT2 concept that showed up with a digital cockpit, sliding doors and an impressive array of aerodynamics. Unfortunately this model never made it into production and eventually the brand died off. Opel did not make a return to the US until 2007 with the Saturn Sky which was rebadged as the Opel GT in Europe but this car unfortunately has a very limited run of success.

Although Opel and Buick have partnered up for the past few years, the Opel GT name carried a great reputation and Opel is looking to bring this nameplate back to the market once again. The announcement has already been made that a new Opel GT concept will soon make its way to the various auto shows around the world. Even though no details of the car have been released as of yet the ideal is that this car will be based on the new Astra FWD architecture which is called D2XX and is expected to make over 250 horsepower, but the alternative is the possibility of using the RWD Alpha platform from GM.

The Alpha platform already underpins the Cadillac ATS, Chevrolet Camaro and Buick Avista concept. The goal as of now is for Opel to bring this new GT car to production by 2017 or 2018 for us to enjoy the drive that can certainly be capable of taking this name forward. Even though this is a fairly new announcement Opel is expected to be ready to have a concept to show off in the form of the GT by the Geneva Auto Show in March.

Will this new Opel GT concept be the car that brings back prestige to this brand to allow those who want a great small sports car to be their next choice as a fun to drive and exciting car from this brand. With the partnership Opel has built with GM the new GT should be an amazing car to be driven to the canyon runs, mountain passes and anywhere in between. Will the new Opel GT be sold in the US? Will this be a car that will makes its way to production and revive the name? We will certainly soon see exactly what this new car could be for us to enjoy.

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