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01.06.16 - Volvo Concept 26

There has been discussion after discussion regarding the possibility and reality of autonomous vehicles and the driving they will provide.  If this ever becomes a reality of driving for us, many will love the idea of catching a nap on the way to the office, relaxing after a long day, reading a book or even connecting to social media to stay up to date with friends.  There may be many activities you can do while sitting in the front seat when the car doesn’t need to you drive and one of those activities could certainly be watching a video along the route.

Volvo has found a way to make this video watching time more effective than if you were to stream and attempt to watch an entire movie on your mobile device.  Recently Volvo has partnered with the Swedish tech company Ericsson to bring a smarter way to watch videos inside your car.  With a gorgeous screen in front of the passenger seat that can be canted toward the driver you can watch what you want along the way, but this video selection can be even smarter than you would ever figure it to be with this new technology.

What Ericsson is calling “smart” buffering the navigation system can calculate the travel time to your destination to find a video that would fill this time the best way possible.  This ensures you have enough video for the longer rides as well as shorter videos for short commuting times or simple rides to work.  This video tailoring for each trip allows for you to have the entertainment you want in a way that makes it possible for you to fill your time in the car with time to catch up on a variety of television shows and movies that you haven’t seen.

This new streaming system is to be integrated into the next concept of autonomous driving vehicles that Volvo puts out to market.  This next concept will be called the Volvo Concept 26 which will be a prototype interior that offers the look and feel of full connectivity and entertainment from this streaming system without removing the driver from the car.  This gives you a full autopilot system to enjoy by pressing two paddles on the steering wheel, but will allow you to retake control of the vehicle anytime you need to.  With the large video screen you will be captivated by the clarity while still being in place to ensure you can take over the control when you need to.

Most of the time we have discussed how autonomous vehicles will come about and what they will do but have not considered what will be needed in order to make this driving possible.  What you do with your time when you have a fully autonomous driving will be up to you, but you certainly could have more time to watch shows that are backed up on your streaming screen inside the car and may even want to take the long way to and from work on a regular basis.

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