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05.29.16 - Self-Driving Car

The technology is on the way and automakers have invested huge sums of money into the technology that will take away your enjoyment of driving. By 2020 we expect to see cars that are full autonomous, not semi-autonomous like the current Tesla Model S and Model X, which means these cars, will be able to drive themselves provided all conditions are met for the system to work properly. Because this technology is coming there are many surveys that have taken place to learn how we as the public feel about a car that can drive itself wherever you need to go.

So far one survey that was performed by What Car? has found that at least 26 percent of us would be more than happy to catch a few extra z’s while riding around in a car that drives itself. Unfortunately this survey also showed that over half of those surveyed would not feel comfortable with a car that could drive itself and that this technology raises a myriad of concerns for them. It seems more people are in a position to distrust cars that can drive themselves and will be more hesitant to buy one than any other car.

One concern many drivers have is the enjoyment of driving, but how many of us truly enjoy driving on a daily basis? Do you enjoy your commute or is the enjoyment of driving something that is reserved for the weekends when you can cruise in the countryside in your car? I would venture to guess the deciding factor has more to do with trusting the car than with the idea that you once enjoyed driving. Many people are concerned the car might not be capable of avoiding an accident, but with so many cars already fitted with automatic braking and collision mitigation its seems this fear is unfounded as well.

This who embraced the idea of a self-driving car said they would spend the time reading, browsing the Internet, watching TV or taking a nap. All likely activities when the car has the controls and you are just along for the ride. You could complete a crossword puzzle, play games on your phone or even do some work on the drive to work that used to mean you had lost time in your day. Imagine how much more efficient you can be when you have that commute time back and can dedicate it to work or to a short and much needed nap.

There is no doubt in my mind we will see autonomous vehicles very soon and we will certainly begin to have them replace many of the cars we enjoy today. I imagine many of these cars will initially be fitted with ways to disable the autonomous system so we can drive the cars ourselves when we want, but how often will that be. Imagine being able to enjoy the movie with your kids as the minivan takes the whole family to the vacation destination. There are so many benefits and time savers to this technology that we certainly need to embrace it and know what we want to do with that time once it arrives.

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