What’s the Hold Up for 2017 Diesel BMW Models?

09.16.16 - BMW Headquarters

There’s no doubt that expected delays and added scrutiny would be in place after the Volkswagen diesel scandal of last year. Any diesel powered vehicle would have to pass more stringent and comprehensive testing by the EPA and other agencies who also received a black eye for allowing Volkswagen to have vehicles on the road that could defeat the emissions testing needed for vehicles to be sold in the US. Because of these expected delays it seems the diesel models from BMW aren’t able to be sold yet, but there’s more to this story than it seems.

All the BMW models for 2017 that carry a diesel engine, the 328d Sedan, 328d Sports Wagon, X3 xDrive28d and X5 xDrive35d have all been approved and passed the new emissions testing process so they can be sold in most of the US. This is great news for BMW, but for some reason these vehicles are still not being sold just yet. Could it be that another regulatory body is holding up the sales of these vehicles? Is BMW looking into an internal issue that needs to be addressed? It seems there must be more to the story than this.

Of course the next regulatory body that has any effect on whether or not these vehicles are able to be sold in the US is the California Air Resources Board (CARB). There are a number of states that follow the CARB regulations including California, New York, Maine, Vermont and Washington. In all there are currently seventeen states that use the CARB regulations as an additional layer of protection for emissions regulations above the EPA, but the funny thing is CARB isn’t holding up the sales either. CARB has already certified all four diesel models for sale in the US which really puts a question on where the old up may be.

If the EPA and CARB have both certified the four BMW diesel models for sale in the US is the hold up in the delivery of these vehicles within BMW? The delay has already caused some customers to show concern because they’ve preordered these diesel vehicles and are awaiting the delivery of them to their local dealerships. Whatever the sales stoppage is caused by BMW needs to get past it and begin to have these vehicles moving for those customers who have already waited for their new diesel powered model.

Now that Volkswagen continues to be under extreme scrutiny it seems BMW would push hard to have their diesel models on the lots ready for purchase. This would seem to be the perfect time for them to capture the sales that would have been diesel powered models from VW, but a delay in the sales that can’t be explained may cause some customers to look elsewhere for their diesel powered car or SUV, which will leave BMW in a position of missing out on sales they could have had. Hopefully BMW will get these vehicles moving soon in order to satisfy the customers who’ve been waiting for them.

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