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11.30.16 - Velociraptor 6X6

You might think the new Ford Raptor that’s coming back for 2017 would be enough for everyone to enjoy and it certainly will be for most of us. A truck that has a V6 and produces 450 horsepower is quite an achievement and the way Ford has added off road bits, larger wheels and a dramatic appearance should make this truck the perfect built where no one is trying to make it bigger, better and stronger. Fortunately, we live in the US and we never settle for anything being enough when there’s no reason not to add more wherever you can.

Tim Taylor was the character Tim Allen played on Home Improvement for eight seasons and he was always talking about adding more power to everything he touched. While the character was often prone to accidents that would land him in the hospital or with a huge repair bill for his home or his cars, we’re dealing with real professionals here. It’s quite possible the folks at Hennessey Performance all have a bit of Tim Taylor in them because they took one look at the Raptor and said they could add more to the truck and make it even better than it already is.

What did they do to this already enviously wonderful truck? Hennessey Performance took the “mild mannered” Raptor and created what they are calling the VelociRaptor 6×6. That moniker alone is enough to let you know that this is a truck with six wheels under the build and not only that the team added more to the power of the beast. This VelociRaptor will have 600 horsepower six-wheel drive and enjoy the benefit of twin turbocharging. The addition of another axle and 150 more horsepower did add more weight, but with this added power this is a serious monster.

The price for one of these upgraded models will come in around $295,000. Most of the money goes to the Raptor SuperCrew that you buy, but the rest is put into adding the 6×6 locking axles, an upgraded Fox Racing suspension, new 20-inch wheels, super wide tires, custom bumpers in the front and back, a bed mounted roll bar and a ton of LED lighting to make this a truck you won’t mind spending as much on as you would a Ferrari or Lamborghini supercar.

If you do want the power but not the massive addition in the cost of the tires you can have the 600 horsepower engine installed and avoid the upgrades to the 6×6 model . This option may be more of what some owners will choose and it will give you new turbos, a custom exhaust, a front mount air to air intercooler and a new ECU tuning and all this will cost you is an additional $22,500 over the Raptor SuperCrew. If you do have the means to take this all the way, you’ll have one of the only 6×6 vehicles on the road and one that comes from an American name with a massive truck build, who could want more than that?

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