Where is the Giulia?

02.18.16 - 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo did not make a splash in the US market for many years and when we saw the company return a few years ago what they offered was the limited (severely limited actually) production 8C Competizione coupe and 8C Spider. A few years later and continuing for this model year the 4C is a much more livable item at a better price, not as limited production and with the Alfa Romeo feel. Of course we couldn’t just have the 4C sports car we also had to enjoy the 4C Spider and the success of this pair allowed Alfa Romeo to announce it was going to offer us a new car for 2016.

This new car was to be the first sedan we had from Alfa in many years and is named the Giulia. With this car the plan is to have a fully reestablished presence in American for the brand which will eventually offer eight more models by 2018. As excited as Alfa was to bring this car to us and as much as we anticipated its arrival there has been a hiccup in regards to offering the Giulia to us as a new production model sedan for this model year.

The delay of the production of the Giulia has been moved to the third quarter of this year and would be no surprise if it were moved to the fourth or even to 2017 instead. Reports are contradictory regarding the Giulia with one telling us the car may suffer from poor impact crash tests while those inside Alfa Romeo state it simply due to some technical fine tuning that needs to be completed before the car is offered to the public. Whichever is true really doesn’t matter to those of us anticipating the release of this awesome car, all we wat is the Alfa Romeo sedan we have been promised.

The story of the Giulia is rather a cloak and dagger style story anyway. This car has been developed by a dedicated team that has been segregated from the rest of Alfa Romeo during the two years of development. While it was planned in secret, now that we know about it we just can’t wait to see the production models and learn how the reaction of the customer plays out.

This new car is built to ride on an all new RWD architecture and be offered with torsional rigidity that is better than any other car on the market. As the car that will break into the market in the US as the first sedan from the company in many years it will pave the path for the rest of the lineup that will arrive sometime in 2018. For this reason the success of the Giulia is paramount to Alfa Romeo which is possibly why the production model has been delayed until the car is exactly what the company wants to hang its hat on in the US. For those of us anticipating this car and its success in the US, we have to wait a few more months which makes me want to scream to Alfa Romeo “It better be worth the wait” which I’m sure the Giulia certainly will be.

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