Where is the Hot Spot?

2015 Ford F-150 Hot Spot

 While many vehicles may be overall best-selling brands for their class there are many that are favored by different states due to the climate, terrain, preference and equipment found on the vehicle. We all know the Ford F-Series is the best-selling truck in America, but there is over twenty-five percent of the country that prefers other models over the F-Series. There are also two states that show a huge preference to Subaru models which might not be expected. Let’s take a look at what the top selling vehicles are by state and why they are the most popular for that particular area.


In Hawaii the Toyota Tacoma carries the badge of being the best-selling vehicle in the state. This may be due to the many roots of residents in Japanese culture and heritage, or it may be because the Tacoma is the right size vehicle for the terrain of Hawaii that offers dense forests, steep hills and difficult off road passages that need a truck with off road capability as much as having a need for a mid-sized truck to handle the job.


The most popular vehicle in Connecticut is the Subaru Forester which makes some sense. As an SUV that offers great size for hauling cargo and the standard all-wheel drive the Forester is a fantastic vehicle to drive when it comes to the treacherous winters that can be experienced in the Northeast.   As a versatile vehicle that isn’t too large to fit into any space the Forester is the best-selling Subaru in the US but outsells all other models in Connecticut.


The best-seller in Florida is the Toyota Corolla and why not? The Corolla has been one of the best-selling cars in the entire world as a value leader. With the mild Florida climate the Corolla fits right in and gives residents of the state a great car that has become better and better looking over the years to become one of the most attractive offerings in the compact sedan class. Floridians enjoy driving the Corolla as does much of the world.


The Northeastern states of the US offer a vast and varied population with wide open space and densely populated cities. Vermont is one state that is mostly rugged and rough, requiring a vehicle that can get a lot of work done, making the GMC Sierra their favorite and best-seller. It comes as a bit of surprise the residents of Vermont don’t choose the Silverado from Chevrolet, but they seem to love the awesome upgrades the Sierra offers them.

New York/Rhode Island

As states with much of the population in dense areas, residents prefer the most popular SUV on the market today in the Honda CR-V. This SUV offers the right size to handle city driving while offering plenty of space to load up this SUV with gear and people in order to fit just about anything you could need if you live in either of these two states. The CR-V allows the versatility needed to enjoy the ride while having the drivability meant for big city driving.


In these three states, one vehicle reigns as king, the Subaru Outback. The Outback is one of the most popular sports wagons on the planet and has exactly what residents of these states need, a top of the line all-wheel drive system to handle the highly unpredictable weather that can be present when living in these states. The benefit to having the Outback as the most popular is the knowledge that this vehicle is perfectly built to handle off road challenges that can present themselves often.


California residents love the Honda Accord and you certainly can see why. The Accord is one of the most reliable, longest lasting and easy to drive vehicles on the market. As the midsize sedan of choice the Accord offers a comfortable seating and engaging drive for anyone, especially those who make their homes in California. Even though there are a few East Coast states that also loves the Accord over other vehicles, Californians show a preference over any others and with the massive population of California, it is the clear leader.


Another Toyota makes its way to our list as the best- selling vehicle in these states. The Toyota Camry is the most popular for these Southern states and for good reason. The Camry has been one of the best-selling sedans in history and is the midsized sedan that offers a variety of awesome Toyota features making this one of the best choices anyone can make for a car to drive. Whether it’s a NASCAR following, which is huge in these states, or the residents simply love their Camrys is hard to say, but one thing is for sure, the Camry is the best-selling vehicle in this area of the country.


In these five states there is one sure common factor; rugged terrain. This terrain is tamed only by the Ram pickups with is the most popular vehicle in these states for the overall awesome fuel efficiency and great off road equipment that can be present on the truck. You can easily be stranded far from home and making the most of the fuel mileage as well as the power and performance gives Ram owners a leg up over others and has easily convinced more and more vehicle shoppers to choose the Ram trucks over any other vehicle.

Illinois/Indiana/Iowa/Kentucky/Michigan/Minnesota/Ohio/West Virginia/Delaware/New Hampshire

That’s quite a list of states for one vehicle to be the most popular and when you toss in Michigan, where all cars are born (at least American made cars), the selection really is on surprise. These states love the Chevrolet Silverado over any other vehicle. With a power and performance that is similar to the GMC Sierra but at a much lower price and with less frills, the residents of the Midwest love the Silverado as their choice over any other vehicle model.

Texas/Arkansas/Idaho/Kansas/Wyoming/Louisiana/Missouri/Mississippi/Nebraska/New Mexico/North Dakota/South Dakota/Oklahoma/Pennsylvania/Tennessee/Utah

Just seeing this many states lumped together should give you a clue as to what the most popular vehicle would be, but in case you haven’t figured it out, it’s the Ford F-150. As the best-selling truck in America it makes its way as the most popular in these states offering a great drive, awesome power, a veritable cornucopia of choices to make your F-150 your own and give you the drive and enjoyment you want in a truck, especially when you need that truck to get the work done on a daily basis.

Yes, some states ended up left off this list and that has to do with no clear favorite for that state, but as you can easily see many states have their own favorite vehicle that sells more in that state than any other. Without a doubt automakers have this information and work to continue to keep their best-selling status and find ways to break in and become the best-sellers in other states.

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