Why Cars of Today are Safer than Those of Many Years Ago

01.09.16 - Automatic Braking System

Cars that are put on the market today have become increasingly safer to drive.  We have discussed the benefit of different driver assistance features on most of the cars we have on the market and with the fact that the automatic braking will be part of cars starting in 2019 as a standard feature there are still features of the cars we see today that create the ability for you to survive in a crash.  This doesn’t come from advanced electronics but from the structure put inside the car for the purpose of creating a way for you to survive.

Cars of yesteryear were built of stronger materials which were mostly steel and were certainly heavier than the cars of today, but those cars were not nearly as safe in a crash.  Some cars did not even come with safety belts and obviously did not have the advanced safety aids of today’s cars but they were basically tanks driving on the road to bring us vehicles that felt like they should be safer than they actually were.  With that in mind, what makes a car much safer today than they used to be?

Cars today are built with crumple zones.  These areas are metal frames that are made to take the brunt of a crash and transfer the energy through the crumple zone.  the purpose in a crumple zone is to transfer the energy of the crash (at least as much as possible) around you and your passengers.  The reason for this is the sheer force of a crash could easily kill you or your passengers in most crashes without a crumple zone.  Although the materials used today, and the advancement of using aluminum, gives us vehicles that are made from materials that are not as strong as the steel from the early days, the crumple zone makes a huge difference.

Without the crumple zone, cars are more likely to kill you in a crash, even from the larger and heavier materials.  In 2013 there were 32,719 Americans that died in car accidents which amounts to nearly 90 people a day.  The number has declined steadily since 1970, which show the progress of safety of vehicles.  Now, many of the crumple zones also come with a way for the engine to drop and keep from injuring the driver and front seat passenger when in a crash that involves the front of the car.

With the addition of the driver assistance features of cars and the change to have automatic braking from the pre-collision warning system added to cars as a standard feature over the next few years cars are going to continue to be safer for us to use.  You can feel much better if you buy a newer vehicle knowing you have the protection of the crumple zones and a wide variety of safety features that have been added to ensure you and your passengers remain safe and have a better chance of surviving a crash.

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