New BMW EV Models Arriving Soon

New BMW EV Models Arriving Soon

BMW EV models are the hit of the final auto show of 2017, giving us a wonderful new direction that will bring us 25 new BMW’s to enjoy.

As the latest auto show unfolds in the form of the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show we are going to see something new and different from BMW. This brand has followed in the same path that other brands have started to create with electric models, but BMW has a head start in being able to get their EV and hybrid models onto the market.

With Volkswagen talking about adding as many as thirty EV models to their lineup by 2025, BMW is planning to do the same with 25 new EV and hybrid models that will be offered.

How Will the New BMW EV Lineup Look?

As the brand that’s considered the one that has the “Ultimate Driving Machine” as part of what they have for the drive, its important the BMW continues to offer us a variety of ways to have the driving experience desired on the road. With that in mind, you might not think that BMW would add an M variation to the group of EV and hybrid models that will be brought to the market, but they have confirmed at least one will be an M model to give us the exciting and impressive driving we want.

The 25 models that will be offered as a hybrid and BMW EVs will give us at least 12 that are fully electric to give us an extensive selection of electric models that expel zero emissions on the road. The announcement made is that all brands of BMW will carry some EV or hybrid models in their lineup, which hints at the desire to have a Rolls-Royce model that can give us the fuel-saving added power we want as well.

In addition to these brands adding EV technology, you can expect to see some of these models added to the mobility sector of the market.

A Lead on the Rest

Because BMW developed the i3 and i8 to be the beginning of their i sub-brand, this company has a lead on the rest of the automakers around the world that state they want to bring a selection of new BMW EV models to the market over the next few years.

By having a model at the two polar opposites of the lineup we were able to see what these two can be on the road and experience the desire to drive these energetic and exceptional models. With the lead that BMW has and the desire to start with a compact crossover SUV as the first choice, the electric X3 will be the first model offered as an EV or hybrid from BMW, but we may see a variety of new models follow quickly behind including an M.

No word has been shared to tell us which M will become electrified, but it will likely be the 3 Series to give us the most popular model of the brand offered with one more variation to give us the choices we want on the road when it finally does arrive on the market.

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