Move Over Grumpy Cat

Cats on the internet doing things that we don’t expect or acting like the cute little kittens that we want to watch over and over. The cute kitten videos we can find are a lot of fun to watch and enjoy, but there has been one cat that has been the most famous and not for being cute. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce has been in a variety of videos and scenes because of this unforgettable scowl which has made him the most famous cat on the internet has sparked creativity in at least one company.

While the name of Pompous Albert might not be a name you know well, this cat has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and is another feline social media hit. This cat has a scowl that makes him appear to be extremely angry all the time and can certainly give Grumpy Cat a run for his money. While you might look at Pompous Albert and wonder if he’s a real cat, he is and right now he is becoming an unlikely spokesperson for a company that hasn’t always been one to do the cutesy or fun stuff in their ads.

When it comes to the servicing and maintenance that needs to be performed on your vehicle where do you go? For many of us, we have a local mechanic that we trust, but as brands have worked to be different in some ways from each other, it could be beneficial to take your ride to a certified technician to have it cared for properly. These certified technicians are most often found at the dealership where the car brand is normally sold. These professionals are the ones you should trust to make sure your vehicle is cared for the right way.

This is the message that Pompous Albert is working to get across. This cat hates a lot of things including mechanics that aren’t certified by the brand and don’t know what they are doing. He does, however, enjoy making sure his Honda vehicle is properly serviced by a trained and certified Honda Technician at his local dealership. At least, this is the message that Honda has portrayed in this video below which is a bit strange and different from what you might expect to find from Honda, but it does a cute and impressive job of getting the message across. You know you can take your Honda vehicle (such as a Honda Fit) to the dealer for speedy and effective service!

Take a look at this video below and enjoy the things that Pompous Albert hates and the scowl on his face, but admire the way that Honda has gone out on a limb and married up the need to let people know to come to the service center with the fame of a grouchy looking feline. Move over Grumpy Cat, Pompous Albert is taking over and he looks meaner and in a worse mood than you ever have. This new ad can easily give fame to both the cat and the service centers that we know and trust with our Honda vehicles.

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