Jaguar is Doing Things Differently

Not always a company to buck trends and present things out of order, Jaguar is tossing caution to the wind and offering us information about their new SUV when we haven’t seen this new vehicle on the stage or in its production form yet. The team at Jaguarhasput up a poster that gives us a look at the three SUVs from Jaguar which makes it sound like I’ve lost the ability to count, but I assure you there are three that will be offered in the future and we’ll take a look at this thought soon as well.

As I digress a bit, we see the newest SUV that will be offered from Jaguar will have a starting price of $39,595. This new SUV is the E-Pace and its expected to be smaller than the current F-Pace that’s already on the market. The E-Pace is the newest addition to the lineup and the odd part of how this was presented to us are with the pricing being announced before we get a good look at what this new vehicle will be for us to enjoy and drive on the road. While this may be a bit odd, it does give us an idea of what to expect.

There are very few details that are known about the new E-Pace, but it will debut on July 13 to make it easy for us to understand and see what this new vehicle will be. The expectation is that E-Pace will be a new and exciting model that fits into the luxury subcompact SUV market which has exploded in popularity. This new SUV is also expected to make use of the family of Ingenium engines that have become part of the family of Jaguar power plants and make the power enjoyable.

As of the release of the new E-Pace, there will be two SUVs from Jaguar on the market, but the poster offered from this brand showed us three of them. There is another one in the works called the I-Pace Concept which hasn’t been completed yet. This is an even more mysterious SUV at this point and it makes us wonder if this newest member of the family will become the EV SUV from Jaguar or if it will simply be another iteration of what we have and show up as a larger model than the F-Pace.

With the pricing of the E-Pace announced you can start to prepare for this SUV if this is what you want to enjoy and drive. Of course, you might not know if you want to drive this SUV because you haven’t received all the details about it, but this is a Jaguar and if you’re a fan of the F-Pace you’ll most likely enjoy the new E-Pace as it comes to the market. This will be a lot of fun to discuss as it comes to the market next month in a form that we should enjoy and admire.

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