More American for Your Drive

When you think of an American sedan for the driving experience you want to have on the road, the Toyota Camry should be up near the top of your list. This is one of the vehicles built in America at a plant owned by the Japanese automaker that has become an icon of stability, reliability, consistent performance, and comfort that we’ve come to know. This impressive midsize sedan is one that has become the top-selling model in the market over several years because it finds a way to check off more boxes for your drive.
Once this car was first ushered into the market, there has been no stopping it at all. The first Camry made its way to the market in 1982 and since that time there have been more than 18 million built and sold around the world. In some ways, the Camry has been considered a bit of a boring model to drive and one that has transformed the midsize sedan market. Now, the Camry has been transformed into a new model that offers improved style and incredible features to make it the midsize sedan you’ll love to drive every day.
Under the hood of the LE model of the Camry, you’ll find a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that offers you 203 horsepower and 184 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is attached to an eight-speed automatic transmission to make sure you can have the shifting feel you want and the efficiency you expect in this amazing car. The fuel mileage shows up at 28 city/39 hwy to make sure you can enjoy the affordability you want for the drive that makes a lot of sense for you when you head out on the roads in your area to have a ton of value in your ride.

The Design is Awesome

There aren’t many better ways to describe the overall design you’ll find in the Camry. The team at Toyota must have enjoyed the experience of making this the car that has the creases and lines where you want them along with impressive looks for the drive you’ll want to make. Up front, you have a bold face and a set of LED headlights that make you wonder if this car is one that reaches up into the luxury car segment for the drive you’ll have to make when you head out on the road for a drive.
One surprise you’ll find when you’re ready to drive the new Camry is the fact that every model offers you a different grill to give you a special look. The base LE model is stunning on its own, which means you’ll simply have even more for the ride you want in the sportier SE, XSE, and XLE when you choose one of these models to take out on the road. When you consider the different variations of this car, you’ll find there are ten models of the Camry, which makes it easy for there to be one that everyone can enjoy.
Looking inside the cabin you’ll find even more of the style and elegance you see from the outside. This cabin is tasteful and premium looking to have the soft materials you want and the intuitive technology that can be enjoyed when you head out on the road. The seating position offers you more forward visibility than before as well to make sure you’ll have the look out the windshield that’s unhindered when you drive. The infotainment system and safety tech you’ll be able to choose in the Camry makes the ride better for you so that you can stay safe and connected.

You Have to Drive It

The new Toyota Camry is more than capable of being the right car for you to have the drive you’re looking for. As the most popular midsize sedan in the market with the fuel efficiency you want, impressive design, roomy interior, and large trunk, this is also the best-driving Camry that’s ever been built. Make this the right choice for you when you’re looking for a model that makes driving easier and helps you stay within your budget as you get out on the road for the experience you want to have from behind the wheel.

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